My tab lenovo no power on over 1 hour plz support?

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My tab lenovo no power on over 1 hour plz support?. Are You mam and sir has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please read the good answer below this line:\r\n

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I`m sorry to hear that your Lenovo A1000L freezes when you try to turn it on. Before you send it for service, let`s try if hard resetting the device would bring it back to its former self. Hard resetting would restore your tablet back to its original settings and all of the data in it would be wiped out. Here are the steps to hard reset your device:

1. Be sure that you have at least 50% battery and then turn off your tablet.
2. Press the Volume + key and the Power button simultaneously and hold on until a menu appears.
3. Using the Volume – key, navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
4. Confirm the selection by pressing the Volume + button.
5. Your device will now reboot and once it turns on, it will be back to its factory state.

If in case hard resetting your device does not work, you would need to bring the table to a Lenovo service center for them to assess the problems that you are experiencing.


Your phone is stucked on boot, you can try to hard reset you Lenovo phone to fix this problem, but if your Lenovo phone shows an Android icon lying with an open stomach only and has nothing written on it, it indicates that your phone doesn`t have a stock recovery, so you can`t do a hard reset on recovery mode to fix your problem. The best thing for you to do is to flash your Lenovo phone with the stock firmware using SP flash tool, but since you didn`t provide your phone model, i can`t give you the exact files and instructions on how to recovery your phone. please comment your phone model so i can help you.


There are some factors that cause your problem like

1. The Battery is fake , when the battery is fake it drains faster than the original even if you fully charge it . I suggest you try one of your friends battery that is original, then charge it, and use it for a day . Investigate the rate of draining of the new battery, if it is slow then your old battery is fake .

2. You are using a lot of application with Volume that is maximized , Maximum volume plus using of Mp3 and Video players drains the battery faster than not using them .


Your tablet maybe experiencing sever system damage that causes your tablet to freeze. Since you can`t reset your tablet then you can have it reprogrammed.

The only person who can reprogram a device are those experts and professionals about the device. You can go to the nearest phone store which offers a software update and reprogramming and have it reprogrammed.


You can charge it for 3 to 4 hours without using it and without the wifi on maximum of 3 hours if you will turn off your device while charging
if you use it while charging it will extend the time of charging to 4 to 6 hours
and that is not recommended for you.


Maybe try taking out the battery, hold down the volume buttons and power button at the same time while putting the battery back in, and then keep holding the power and volume buttons until you plug it in. Hopefully this works!


If your laptop is in sleep mode, try swiping the mouse sensitivity or touching the space bar.


Remove the battery for 5 minutes and take it back.


You will have to buy a new battery. You don.


The ram has problem on your computer.


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