My tablet is slow and freezes sometime and a oh snap screen appears?

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My tablet is slow and freezes sometime and a oh snap screen appears?. Are You guys own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then please check the best tips right after this line:\r\n

What can be done to fix this problem


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Since the freeze will not let you enter the tablet in order to use it either:
1. Follow the steps here to update the firmware of the tablet. . Maybe you will be able to save your data.
2. Factory reset the tablet by using the the tablets Recovery mode (turn off the tablet -> turn On the tablet and immediately hit the power button again + volume up). Use the volume key as up/down commands and go to the line that says “Reset to factory setting”. Note that this option will detele all the files from the tablet, except the one from the SIM card, if you have one.
3. You can go to the store with it for them to fix it.


I think your android operating system is currupted. I recommend to format your device wipe dalvik cache. Try these procedure
Off your device then hold power + volume up. Wait for 5 sec then go factory reset. Im sorry to tell you that if you get formated your all files instaled will be lost. But im sure to you when you get finish formating your device will start perfectly.


Data/Factory Reset” then press the “POWER BUTTON” to select this option. On the next screen, scroll down to “Yes — Delete all name data” and press the “POWER BUTTON.” Then select “Reboot System Now” again using the “POWER BUTTON”.


Try this if this will work to have your tablet work on your settings go to application manager and force stop the applications that are running. these applications used a part of your tablets RAM that is why you experience freeze and slow performance.


Maybe because u have too many contacts i had the same problem or so many apps pics vids music.


My names dawn. I am having the same problem as this person with my smartphone axesstel.


The app probably needs updating. Try that and see what happen. Hope this helps.