My visual land tablet is stuck on the loading screen after pressing the reset button, what do I do?

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My visual land tablet is stuck on the loading screen after pressing the reset button, what do I do?. Do You Mr or Mrs has this kind of inquiry?, If do then please found the best solution below this line:\r\n

I pressed the reset button on the back and now the tablet won`t go past a screen that says loading. What can I do?


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You can try the following steps below, if the steps below doesn`t work then you need to bring it to a repair shop as it has something to do with the hardware parts of it such as the button keys, and also make sure that you secure a backup of your files before resetting it.
1) Turn-off your tablet.
2) Press the power-on button and volume down button at the same time
3) Press and hold the power-on and volume down buttons until you see the android alien icon
4) Press the power-on and volume up again at the same time until you see the System recovery menu.

Android System recovery

Volume up/down to move highlight;
power button to select.
Here are the options that you will see once you are in the system recovery menu
reboot system now
apply update from /sdcard
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
recovery system from backup
update rk image from /sdcard

choose “wipe data/factory reset” bush pushing the power button to confirm it then restart your phone to finish the process.


How hard was the impact when you dropped the tablet? The drop might have damaged some internal components or simply jarred the screen connection loose. If you are able to do this yourself, unscrew the tablet housing and check for the loose connection. Otherwise, I would suggest taking it back to your vendor and get it looked at.


You can try the force shutdown method, just simply press the power button for ten seconds and wait until your device will vibrate before releasing the button. once it vibrates it will restart your device automatically and will work properly after.


My Polaroid 7″ tablet has a reset button on the back. A small hole that a paper clip will fit in. Push down on the button and hold it for up to 15 seconds.


I can`t access to my tablet too many attempt i tried to hold it the down volume along with the power button but it doesn`t work ??


Try holding the power button to make the device turn off or you can use a safety pin to reset the device.