My voicemail box on my Samsung Tracphoneny is full. How do I empty it?

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My voicemail box on my Samsung Tracphoneny is full. How do I empty it?. Are You guys has that kind of question?, If yes then please get the best tips right after this line:\r\n

Cell phone voice box is full. Empty directions needed


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I think what it means is your *phone memory* is full. A phone comes with its own internal storage space (mine is 300MB for example) and an sd card. Check if your installed apps aren`t taking up all/most of the internal storage. If that`s the case, some of them can be moved to sd to free up space.


Based on my research in order to delete or to empty the old messages on your voice mail you should do these
1 Call your voice mail
2 After a message, press 7 to delete the message
3 Continue til you delete all of those messages.


Hello! What you can do is to press 77 in the middle of the voice mail and that will delete it right away. There is no option to delete all of it in an instant but you can halt or stop voice messages. Hope that helps!


How?. What should i do?. What if this happens again to me what do I do?. This is the first time it has happened to me. This situation is on my head now.


I would contact the service provider like Verizon, sprint, whichever one applies to you and state your problem and if that doesn`t work try to get a new phone.


It could either be a prank caller, or someone accidentally called you (e.g. from their pocket) which is why there`s no message.

You simply need to move apps and folders to your external sd card. You can move apps in application manager. Yoe can move files in your folder.


Try to get cache on ur cell phone it helps a lot.


Have u tried to do a master reset on ur phone.


Try another card and see what happens.