My webcam is lagging on tinychat how do i fix it?

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My webcam is lagging on tinychat how do i fix it?. Do You mam has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please check the answer right after below:

My webcam is lagging on tinychat how do i fix it ?


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Your webcam is basically not functioning within your `TinyChat` messenger service. In order to get this working you will have to either update the Webcam Driver or re-install the same. Try configuring the device on your messenger service. Open the messenger and at the tool bar, click on messenger, preferences and then connection. Click on `No Proxies` or `Connect direct to internet` making sure that your country and regional settings are correct. Click `Apply`, Messenger, My Webcam. Click `OK` on the warning window after which your webcam will launch. With webcam still running, go again to messenger, preferences, webcam and camera source and set webcam to default. At camera settings adjust settings to suit. Finally click `Apply` and it should all be up and running.


Make sure that you are not using the camera on other application. This error happen because the camera is already active and other application or software is using it . Close the application that using the camera and then try it in tinychat again.


Well brookie it might not be working because its broken or when you try using it it already has a program running that uses webcam.


You cant unless you download a diferent app simialr to tinychat, try viber because that is free.


My webcam wont get large enough for me to submit a video on youtube.


You might need to reinstall your chrome or try firefox or opera.