NBA Hotshot HD Crash

By On Monday, April 30th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Of all the different arcade games out there, it would be safe to say that one of the most popular is the basketball shooting game. Do you remember? The game where you shoot balls through either a moving or a steady hoop? Yes. That game. Apparently, the game has also evolved along with other arcade games because of our massive technological advancement over the past decade.

NBA Hotshot HD

You would not be seeing this game only on arcades anymore, but also on your iPad as well. Freeverse, the well known developer for the fun flicking games Flick Fishing and Flick Bowling, got their hands on flick basketball playing; and that is through NBA Hotshot HD. The concept of this game is not that unique because its solely based on the arcade game, and it only has two game options: the Classic mode and the Three Strikes mode. However, it doesn’t limit the game from having a huge fun potential and long playing hours, right? Especially when you are actually playing for something – like virtual prizes. There are different NBA fan virtual paraphernalias to collect and a big virtual gallery to fill and display these collected virtual treasures on.

That could pretty much ensure a lot of NBA fans to download the NBA Hotshot HD, and even non-basketball playing users that would just want a fun flicking game to pass the time whenever they need it. There are a few problems about the game though, which made it an epic fail.

First of all, Freeverse wasn’t able to live up to user expectations of delivering a flawless flick game, like the other ones they developed. Looks like, this app was either half made or rushed out. It could be that users just expected too much from the developer, but this is not an excuse to launch an unplayable game like this. Second, even if you figure out and get used to its flicking problems, the game is also prone to crashing. Whenever you finish a game with a certain amount of performance, you get a prize, but whenever you claim one, the game would soon crash.

Kinda frustrating right? You have worked hard to overcome the problems and when finally all your hard work is going to pay off, the game crashes. Not good.

Finally, while you might be reading this post to find some solutions to fix this app that you might have downloaded accidentally, thinking that it’s going to be a fun game, sad to say, there aren’t any fixes available yet. No hacks, and moreover, no updates to fix the issues. It’s like Freeverse just completely moved on and forgot about this app. Come to think okay, maybe it’s okay to just leave something irreparable hanging, but to leave it be and still wait for a lot of people to continue downloading it, is way beyond the point.

Let’s also not forget the fact that this app actually sells for almost $3, so beware. Maybe the best solution is to find another flicking game to replace this one, and this time — for free.