Need a b1/b2 visa for work on foreign flagged yachts cruising in us waters and docking in us ports?

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Need a b1/b2 visa for work on foreign flagged yachts cruising in us waters and docking in us ports?. Do You mam and sir own that kind of problem?, If do then please check the tips below this line:

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I am not sure about other cruise lines, but Blount Small ship adventures allow children from age 14. I had my first cruise trip in life with these guys and it was an amazing experience. There are floats and jackets for safety. The staffs were much concerned about our safety and they are experts in diving. There is nothing to worry. See their website .


I guess small ship cruising would be a better option. You can always go for a candle light dinner, but this is one good reason why you should be going on a cruise trip. It would be a fun thing to spend some time on the ship with water around and some quality time for each other! This link might help .

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There might be some issues with the compatibility of the drivers of your docking station and laptop. Try to plug in the laptop back to the docking station and remove it back. Then if it still doesn`t work. Try to restart both the devices and see if it should work.


Guatemala’s Rio Dulce, Mayaguana, West Snake Cay, Hudson river etc etc.. are as far as I have heard some of the great places to where one can go small ship cruising! This link might help .

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Your Id to be flagged is because it was reported, lost stolen or fraudulant. You may want to contact your local authorities to find out if it was flagged in error.


You might wanna try calling your company and acting like they didnt send you one they will send another and it will be ther ein 2 days did it and it worked.


Sorry, I have no idea — I`m just answering this so I can move on with my own question!