Need stock rom for ipro sensei fii or file build.propDo you have very please tell me know?

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Need stock rom for ipro sensei fii or file build.propDo you have very please tell me know?. Do You sir and mam own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please get the answer below:

Did you switch off the phone? I think the phone must be switched off before you can use it with a computer if you`re using the USB cable rather than Bluetooth. So, on your phone, press down the key with the red-coloured telephone receiver symbol on it (on right-hand side, second from top); wait for the phone to shut down; if you`ve already connected up the phone to your PC, as soon as the phone shuts off, it should be recognised by your PC. I don`t think it matters whether you connect the phone to the PC before or after shutting the phone down — try both, if necessary.

Other than that, I`m not sure. I don`t know what operating system you are using on your computer. I can tell you that I can transfer files, including music ones, between this phone and my PC, which is running the Ubuntu 11.04 GNU/Linux operating system; generally, if something can be done under Linux, it can be done under Windows. I sometimes use the USB cable; sometimes, Bluetooth — yes: this works for this as well. (I can also access the SIM card data from, and back-up this to, my PC.)

Sorry I can`t help you more at this point.


It depends on their delivery,because sometimes there have some unexpected things that you have to consider.But if the items is in demand probably the items will be delivered as soon as possible.Even the store itself can`t decide whether they can receive the items within next few days,actually if they already ordered it for about days ago it will come in earliest time because staff can`t promise the exact date until they are not sure for the arrival.

The only things that they can do is just ask for your number so that if the items arrived already they can call you anytime.


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