Netflix Versus Hulu Plus for IPad

By On Thursday, May 24th, 2018 Categories : iPad

One of the best device to watch movies and videos, offline or online, is iPad. IPad is the latest tablet computer released by Apple Inc. that supports multi-touch.

There are already lots of video service programs on the internet nowadays. Some of them can be accessed for free while some requires subscription, either monthly or yearly. The sad thing about free video services can be the limitations imposed by the people behind it. There might be some videos that will only be played for ten minutes or less. Plus, these free video hosting websites also have lots of advertisements which can become very annoying to us. These advertisements always pop up whenever we click a video link or these advertisements often occur before we can view the video.

On the other hand, paid video subscriptions can be advantageous for you because you will be open for more videos and movies to watch at. However, you are required to pay for a certain amount of money to use the services.

Two of the today’s popular online video streaming services are Hulu Plus and Netflix. IPad users may be able to use these two video streaming programs if they are online or if they are connected to the internet using a Wi-Fi network.

In this article, let us compare and contrast Netflix and Hulu Plus. The final choice still depends upon you. The statements stated in this post will just give you ideas on the characteristics of these two online video streaming programs. Let us start.

Netflix Versus Hulu in Terms of:

Hardware Compatibility

When it comes to hardware compatibility, there are already lots of websites that are capable of handling streaming services from Netflix as opposed to Hulu Plus.

Number of Videos, Movies, and Televisions Stored

Netflix and Hulu Plus for iPad both have huge databases of television shows, movies, and several videos. Hulu features latest television show episodes such as Glee and Modern Family. On the other hand, Netflix has loads of classic movies and television shows.

netflix versus hulu plus in ipadWhen it terms of the number of movies, television shows, and video clips, Hulu Plus outperforms Netflix.

Number of Users

According to the survey conducted by Nielsen, Hulu Plus users outnumbered Netflix users as of March 2011.

Video Resolution

Hulu Plus wins over Netflix when it terms of playing videos in full screen.

As an iPad Application

Netflix is far better in iPhones than in iPads. It can be better to watch Netflix movies on their website than using the Netflix app.

Hulu is pretty good in iPad because it has lots of features compared to Netflix.


Hulu Plus can be quite annoying because it plays commercials before the playback. Netflix provide its users with no commercials in streaming videos, television shows, and movies.

Short Videos or Video Clips

Hulu Plus also has rooms for short videos or video clips as what you could see in YouTube. Netflix don’t have a database for video clips as opposed to Hulu Plus.

So, what is your choice, Netflix or Hulu Plus for your iPad? Don’t be pressured. Think about it deeply before making subscription. Although, if you have enough budget, you can subscribe to these two programs because they are pretty much affordable.