New emojis in IOS 9.1

By On Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 Categories : IOS
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emoji for ios

New emojis in IOS 9.1Indie Tech, Apple has sent out a first beta version of IOS 9.1, and with it comes a new set of emoji symbols.

IOS 9.1 means good news for all emoji communicators. The first beta version of Apple’s mobile operating systems include a set of new pictograms for use in mail, text messages and Facebook updates.

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Emoji symbols come from industry standard Unicode version 7 and 8, which 99mac wrote about both in June and November. Apple has already added some of the changes in their systems, so that emojifigurer with greater ethnic variation.

emoji for ios

This time iOS users including the ability to send a taco, a unicorn, a table tennis racket and an upside-down face, according Emojipedia. Another new symbol that has long been lacking has been the diplomatic description “turning hand with stretched middle finger”.

Already in the IOS 9 which is released 16th of September, however, some new emoji for ios 9.1 symbols, namely the 29 flags including Antarctica, Chad, Christmas Island, Greenland, Jersey and the Vatican City.

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