New Facebook Photo Sharing App on iPhone

By On Friday, June 8th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Some pictures have been circulated on the internet about a new Facebook app for iPhone which will allow you to share and view pictures on Facebook. The rumors said that there will be some features from the current popular photo sharing apps such as Instagram and Color. It means that there will be Geotagging, filters, likes, facial recognition, sharing full sets, comments, HDR support, and many other feature will be included.

So with the new Facebook app on iPhone, you will be able to check the latest updates from your friends, likes an item, or leaving comments for it. You can also sending private messages, real time chatting, and check for the upcoming events. Unfortunately, there are still no big addition to the memory. The last update is only about some bug fixes.

Unfortunately again, there is no iPad version for the app. There is also no Android Honeycomb version either. It means that the only tablet that can run the Facebook app is BlackBerry PlayBook for now. The form factor of the tablet is great to flip through friend’s photos. I can’t imagine just how great will be the app if it is coming to the iPad’s big screen.