New Features of Apple iPhone 4G

By On Sunday, February 18th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Apple iPhone 4G has become the market leader among the smart phone. It has some features that no one could imagine. Some interesting additions of new features come up with Apple new product iPhone 4G.

iPhone 4G have a feature of iChat. This proposal was supported by the front facing camera. This new addition is not available at iPhone 3GS. These smart phones have a 5 MP camera with better quality and determination. This camera is more powerful than the iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 4G is a very professional, minimal and simple layout with no curves. Basis of this gadget seems to be absolutely flat and not curved like iPhone 3GS.

Apple iPhone 4G features are clearly different from all other phones. Phones weigh is about 137 g, very close to that iPhone 3GS weighs. Old volume buttons, etc. phone lock was refurbished and made metallic. This is enables better, richer and classic feel.

Very well researched and latest integrated features used in on iPhone operating system and it supports 4G technology, high, most advanced networking technology. It can walk on most speed and almost full connection no matter where we are, the product certainly have the most advanced gadget.

The deal for your choice on any network can be chosen for you iPhone 4G. Some of the leading wireless service providers are Vodafone, Orange, Virgin, O2, 3 and T-Mobile. So you are getting the mobility feature as well. usually you need to buy iphone 4 with contract, but now they allow you to buy iphone 4 without contract.

Apple iPhone 4G handset included with many unique features. An important feature is large 3.5 inch touch screen display. The screen out look is very well and it can support 16 million colors provides a wonderful resolution. The fourth-generation phones have all types of connectivity options. Now it is too easily get connected with existing Wi-Fi family and friends. You can connect to Wi-Fi mobile internet and access anywhere you go.

Set weighs is 137 grams. It is actually a mini computer, it have all the things and applications like a personal computer. iPhone own operating system and its strong processor are really incomparable with other smartphone.

iPhone 4G a scratch free surface all over. No need to bother yourself for scratch. It also has a proximity sensor that switches back. Accelerometer screen from landscape to portrait mode flips as soon as you rotate it. It is all about a dream phone.