New iPod Touch 4th Generation (iPod Touch 4G 32GB)

By On Thursday, February 15th, 2018 Categories : iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation is here already tested 32GB available few days ago in the new version. Amazon currently has it for € 299.97 in the price range, free shipping, the delivery may take account of the great demand of up to two weeks, but usually faster than that.

The most striking feature of the new Apple iPod 32GB 4G (ipod touch fourth generation) is the retinal display with a resolution of 960 x 480 pixels and 326 ppi pixel density, was the last generation iPod Touch only 480 x 320 The display size is 3.5 inches (equivalent to 8.89 cm) remained the same. In practice, the new display makes mainly small fonts much sharper and easier to read, pictures look more realistic. The backlight LEDs take over, depending on the light adjusts to the brightness and thus ensures an optimal utilization of the battery capacity.

The second new feature of this iPod touch 4th generation, FaceTime is an integrated video telephony solution over Wifi, similar to Skype. The big difference: FaceTime is already ready to unpack, Apple ID and email address, done.

The new Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4G (ipod touch 4th generation) has two cameras, one front, one on the back, between which you can quickly and easily out-and switch.

The New iPod touch 4th generation (Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4G) is definitely the best of all time and with the new features much more than just an MP3 player, even if just under 300 € are of course not cheap, but that has no one expects from Apple.