Nintendo Investors Want to Support iPhone and iPad

By On Thursday, May 17th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Apple is getting more serious on mobile gaming with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. That is why some other gaming handheld manufacturers are feeling under pressure, including Nintendo. A few months ago, Nintendo’s President told the developers to ignore smartphones. However, it seems that Nintendo can’t ignore it no more as the Apple’s device is getting more popularity. In addition, their latest handheld, Nintendo 3DS, isn’t go as their plan.

Bloomberg is reporting that the investors have pressed Nintendo to develop games for iPhone and iPad instead of creating for their own systems. I think it is a logical step seeing how smartphone gaming is developing brilliantly. I also think that the line of classic games from Nintendo would sell great on iOS. However, it might kill Nintendo’s own product and make Apple more popular.

But the chance for Nintendo to release games for iPad and iPhone are pretty small at this moment, as Satoru Iwata, the President, has said that as long as he is on the boss seat, Nintendo will only make games for their own system. Last month when there is a report that Pokemon is on their way for iOS, Nintendo’s stock rose significantly. Imagine what happen when Mario have it!