Not working K3770-Z please help this issue?

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Not working K3770-Z please help this issue?. Are You mate own this kind of inquiry?, If do then plz read the good feedback below this line:\r\n

Not working K3770-Z please help this issue


Answers for this question:

It is possible that you did not grant proper permissions to WhatsApp or that your settings became corrupted. To fix the problem try this :

Go into Options > Device

Select Application Management

Choose WhatsApp and select Edit Permissions

Set WhatsApp Permissions to Allow and Save

After saving the new permissions, reboot your BlackBerry by removing the battery from the device. (IMPORTANT!!!)

If you are still having problems performing the above steps, go to Options > Security Options > Firewall, and select Reset Settings from the menu. Be sure to Save, and then reboot your BlackBerry by removing the battery from it for 30 seconds.


Hi there, You should try this method Reset your BlackBerry smartphone.
If the error message still appears after you reset your smartphone, reload your BlackBerry Device Software. The reload process deletes your smartphone data. Hope it would help you.


Well all I can help you with is giving you some of the good aps like the one called text free it`s green(: or also one that looks blue they`re free and they`re good apps.


Make sure your installing the correct drivers for your system.


Delete and add google account That wprked for me.

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