New York Times App Crash Fixes

By On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

Do you enjoy reading? Or do you just read to get informed? Whatever type of reader you are, you would certainly enjoy the NYTimes app. We all know that the New York Times is one of the most reliable institutions in the world when it comes to journalism. Before you download the app however, you might want to research and read on existing reviews about it.

Sure, this app could totally get you informed about news that matter, but how is it going to get you informed if it crashes? Yes, sad to say, the NYTimes app crashes. There’s nothing to lose though, because you can download this app for free. Of course, that’s no reason at all to deliver a reliable app, but maybe the app developers are keeping this app free because they still can’t figure out the solution to its issues. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is the app crashes, and so far there are a few solutions that you could try to fix it.

NYTimes App Crash Fixes

The first one is rebooting. Perform a soft reset and a hard reset. The soft reset is done by holding down the Sleep/Wake button for a couple of seconds until the slider to slide off appears. Once it does, do what it says. You can turn it on again by doing the same drill. Check your app. If it’s still crashing then let’s proceed to doing a hard reset. You can do this by holding down both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until the Apple logo appears and reappears again.

If the reboots didn’t do anything to fix the problems of your apps, then you could try reinstalling it, perhaps? Uninstall the app by holding the icon down until it wiggles and show a small x on top of it. Tap it and it will automatically uninstall your app. You would want to uninstall the app from your iTunes Library as well. Do this by accessing your iTunes, navigate to the Library, and finally click on the Apps section. From there, find the NYTimes app, right click, and select delete. Click yes on the prompts that will follow, and the app would finally be removed from your hard drive. Download the app again, and install it as you did the first time. After successfully reinstalling it, check your app. Is it okay already? Reinstalling the app could fix out corrupt data. If reinstalling it still didn’t work, then maybe the next solution will help you?

This solution helped solve the NYTimes crashing issue of some users, so maybe it could do the same for you?  It’s still unexplained how and why this works but it does. Just uninstall the Action Menu. After uninstalling it, uninstall and reinstall the app like you did in the last step. After this step, the app should function properly already. If it doesn’t then here’s the final solution.

Go back to where you have downloaded the app, or visit the developer’s site and check if there are any updates available. If there is an update, download it and update your current app. Maybe the update contains the solution to your problem. On the other hand, if there aren’t any updates, or if the updates still didn’t do the trick, there aren’t any more options left but to wait for the next update and pray that the update this time finally gets it.