Office2 Apps For iPhone and iPad

By On Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Reviewing the Office2 on iPhone and Office2 HD on iPad we find that both these are apps more or less similar, though the iPad has an advantage because of the larger screen.

Office2 includes various features which are found in most of the word processing applications. Full-screen text editing, access to the formatting toolbar in both potrait and landscape mode  being some of its stand out features. The toolbar is a sliding one and thus does not interferes much with your work screen portion.

Office2 on iPhone does lacks document styles or keyboard shortcuts unlike the Office2 HD for iPad, however it allows us to crop images and insert them inline in the documents.

The spreadsheet application of Office2 has got a lot of limitations – it does not support editing of Microsoft’s .xlsx and .docx formats although one can view those files but save or edit the documents.

One might also be a bit reluctant to use the iPhone version of Office2 not only because of its poor performance but also due to the small size of iPhone’s screen. This makes typing on the iPhone quite frustating when compared to typing on the iPad. However it’s pretty efficient if we need to do quick edits.

Highlights of Office2 Application for Ipad/Iphone

  • Supports a wide variety of cloud-based storage services.
  • Gives access to documents no matter where they are stored. It could be of any format Dropbox, MobileMe, Google Docs,
  • Office2 is very a good spreadsheet and a word processing offering significant value due to links to cloud-based storage services.
  • Though iWork offers nicer-looking app which are more capable in editing & formatting options, using Office2 is more convenient for easy access to the work documents. This makes it a practical as well as a powerful tool to do work.

Overall it is a very good application if you need your documents on the go.