Olympus camera fully charged says no not remove usb cable….i cant turn it on or off?

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Olympus camera fully charged says no not remove usb cable….i cant turn it on or off?. Do You mam & sir own that kind of problem?, If do then please found the best feedback right after below:\r\n

Olympus sz-12…i tried removing memory card..did nothing


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Just remove the usb cable anyway (it wont hurt anything ) then once its disconnected it will turn on I had same problem with my canon.


Ahh…. it`s just the same problem as mine`s phone .the main problem is the battery….. maybe it is damaged due to charging it the whole day……. because if you would continue it doing charging the whole day… it will explode , so my suggestion is to replace it an purchase a new original company battery.


When charging my phone if fully drained i follow these steps:

1. charge the phone for 3 mins

2. remove the charger. leave for a few minutes uncharged.

3. charge it again and look if the battery charging would appear. if not, your battery have problems.


There is a battery indicator. While if it;s still blinking, it means it`s not fully charged yet. Check for the green light indicator too. Once it`s on means it`s 100% charged already.


Crazy. I was trying by holding the button, but I guess was not holding long enough. I read this thread and then tried to hold on for over the minute, and bam, on it came. Thanks.


You probably dont have your battery placed in correctly or it is damaged.


I Think there something wrong with your batterym, or try to restart your pc.


The battery icon doesnt move any more it just stays green.