Once received the cash kindly acknowledge on the same?

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Once received the cash kindly acknowledge on the same?. Are You Mr or Mrs has that kind of concern?, If yes then please check the solution below this line:\r\n

Once received the cash kindly acknowledge on the same


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‘This is a friendly reminder that there is ongoing Stop Sales request in accordance to the details provided below. Please acknowledge upon receipt of this email.’

Use of kindly is telling the person that he tells it in a kind manner, so the word please is better to replace it. And to remove fluff words like just, as this is not much important in the construction of the sentences. The word friendly is also nice in the sentence as it indicates that the message is not totally a warning for the reader. Warning as a negative impression.


Not all banks accept check issued by other companies. If the check is coming from a big bank, normally you will not encounter any problems. Confirm the check to your issuing bank if it`s accepted to any banks. If not, ask where can you encash it. You may also ask the bank why won`t they accept it. Most reasons for rejecting the check is if it is stale or dormant. Meaning it is beyond 6 months of its issuing date. You can make a request to reissue another check. Make sure also that it is not a post dated check. If it is, there is a specific date where you can encash it. Or maybe the bank is out of fund.


Everything with the IRS is taking longer this year. You can read all about it by clicking on the website link below:

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Note: You can, also, check the status of your refund at the website noted above.



Yes, you may say “Kindly acknowledge the receipt” or “Please acknowledge message by replying to this e-mail.”

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Dear employees, please be on your guard for customers taking what isn`t theirs, as we have been having some problems with that. Please alert us of any acts of theft happening within the store.


I would try to call the state of wisconsin treasury office and see if the could help.