Over-the-Air Downloading of Programs from the iPhone App Store

By On Thursday, January 18th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Majority of the iPhone users are using a typical means of downloading any type of application from the iPhone App store, utilizing the iTunes store in your personal computer. Nevertheless, others are doing it some other ways, in a faster and more efficient means of downloading option that is using the over-the-air downloading of programs from the iPhone App store. Such downloading approach is quite similar with the iTunes WiFi Music store. This can be performed using either of the iPhone versions including the 1st-generation iPhone or the iPhone 3G, likewise with the iPod Touch. You too may directly install the downloaded program to either device you seize.

How is this made possible?

In order to successfully perform an over-the-air downloading of programs to your iPhone or iPod Touch, straight from the App Store, you have to secure iPhone firmware version 2.0 and iTunes version 7.7 or higher versions. These two need to be installed in your computer. Of course, you also need to be online, either thru WiFi network or via EDGE or 3G connections.

Here is how you do the over-the-air application download:

1. Using your phone, initiate the process by tapping on the App store icon, located on the home screen of your iPhone device.

2. You will then be routed to the App Store, wherein you can choose any of the feature programs for download. You can see these icons beneath the screen, where you to can perform searches by category, free and paid applications, top 25 apps, latest app update for any of your existing iPhone app and many more.

3. You can do any browsing style you wanted by choosing the right icon beneath the screen.

4. When you are done with your searches and found the app you wanted, tap on it (preferred app).

5. You will be prompted with another screen containing the program descriptions, user ratings and some screenshots for you to view. You are also given with an option to download or to purchase the application.

6. For free applications, a FREE button will also be provided on top of the screen. If you wish to download and install such free app, just tap on the FREE button to proceed with the downloading-installation processes.

7. For paid apps, a price list will also be provided indicating each cost. Tap on the price itself to proceed with the purchase. After tapping the price, a BUY NOW button will show. Tap on it to download and install the program to your iPhone device.

8. After the installation of the new applications, they will become visible on your screen. You then may have them customized according to your preferred arrangements.

That is how you download applications over-the-air from the App Store straight to your iPhone device. It should be that simple!