Pac-Man Lite Free iPod Touch Game App

By On Friday, September 16th, 2016 Categories : iphone

Your old friend Pac-Man is here again on your iPod touch device to entertain you. Pac-Man Lite Free iPod Touch Game App by Namco Networks America Inc is a family game app, wherein your Pac-Man can move on twisted paths eating and gobbling fruits and dots for a long duration in order to win points.

Now you can get three modes in Pac-Man Lite Free iPod Touch Game App including Swipe mode, accelerometer mode and D-Pad mode. All you have to do in order to emerge as a winner is to munch as many fruits as you can. In fact eating the blinking power pellets too increases your score. These blinking pellets make your enemy weak. Therefore, more you eat them, chances of your wining enhances.

While playing PacMan Free iPod Touch Game App, remember to avoid the blinking lights, as they are real ghosts who can lead to your death. Instead first make them weak and then face them. Once you reach 10,000 as far as scores are concerned, then you can get an extra life.

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