Pano po mag master reset ng cloudfone geo 500q pagka po navirus yung mismong os?

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Pano po mag master reset ng cloudfone geo 500q pagka po navirus yung mismong os?. Are You misses or mister has this kind of problem?, If yes then please found the best feedback right after below:\r\n

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In Filipino language: Pano ba makita yung i suggest sa friend sa fb yung page?
In English language: How do I ever see Yung suggest a friend to Yung fb page?

In Filipino language: Gusto ko i ssugest yung page sa friend ko eh
In English language: I would suggest to Yung friend ko eh page

Final Question:
How to see the “SUGGEST” feature of a page on Facebook (FB) to suggest it to a friend?
I want to suggest the page to my friend.

Here is how you see the suggest feature, follow these steps:

1st: Open your Facebook Account
2nd: Go to your Facebook timeline
3rd: Hover the “More” and you will see these:
a. Places
b. Sports
c. Music
d. Movies
e. TV Shows
f. Books
g. Apps and Games
h. Likes
i. Events
j. Groups
k. Notes
l. Manage Sections
4th: Click “Likes”
5th: Hover the “More” and you will see two options.
a. Activities
b. Other likes
6th: Click “Other likes”
7th: Then you can see all the pages you like
8th: Select the page you want to suggest to your friend
9th: You can see at the lower right “Invite Your Friends to Like This Page”.
So that`s how to see the suggest feature to invite your friends to like it.

Follow these to suggest the page to your friend:
10th: Enter the name of your friend in the text box to suggest the page.
11th: Click “Invite”

Here is another way to suggest a page to a friend:

1st: Open your Facebook Account.
2nd: On the Home page, click on the search box.
3rd: Type the name of the page that you want to suggest.
4th: Hit the “Enter” key.
5th: You can see at the lower right “Invite Your Friends to Like This Page”.
6th: Enter the name of your friend in the text box to suggest the page.
7th: Click “Invite”


You did not mention the brand and the model of your device. If you can`t access the keypad because of the passcode then you have an option to access your google account and retrieve or change the passcode. Now if you can`t access your google account or you don`t have a google account then you can hard reset your device. If you are using an android device then generally you can use this key combination: (Power key,Volume up, Home button) or (Volume up or volume down and power button) . Wait for the recovery screen,use the volume key in scrolling and power key to enter. Scroll and enter wipe data/factory reset,scroll and select yes—delete all name data and select reboot system now and wait for it t turn on.All dta will be deleted after this process, create a back up copy and charge the device not less than 80%.


You need to do a master reset in your device. But before doing that, make a back up of the important files that you need the most. After copying it to the other device storage. Just do these reset procedure.
Hard reset procedure:
1. Turn off your phone.
2. Press and hold volume up button together with the power key. Hold until a menu will come out (Android system recovery).
3. Use the volume button to scroll up and down. Use the camera button as okay button.
4. Scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset” and tap on it.
5. Scroll down to “yes, delete all name data” and then tap it.
6. After its complete, tap on “reboot system now”. Wait until restarts and goes back to normal.


Hi there!

First Turn-off Your Phone and Remove Your Sd Card. (when your phone is locked and can not be turn off, all you have to do is Manually Hold Power Button and it will automatically Turns-off}. After that, Press and Hold Three Buttons all at once Power+Volume+Home. Your phone Goes in Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset then wait for awhile, your phone will reset and you must restart you phone (remember you need to back up all your contact because resetting your phone will delete all your datas).
Hope it helps.


Well if you cannot remember your account for google and you cannot log ion then there is no way you can get the tablet working unless you do a hard reset on the tablet. Meaning you will need to go to the Android Recovery Screen and then from there you can do the hard reset. On how to go to the Recovery screen you will just need to press and hold the power button + volume up button and wait till you got the Android Recovery screen and from there you can do the restore factory settings. Doing this will delete all name data.


Kung gusto mo palitan ang password mo click mo lang forgot my password at punta ka sa email mo at tignan mo yung inbox mo kunin mo yung bagong generated password na binigay ng facebook, kung nang hingi ng code pag ikay nag login sa facebook ilagay mo lang yung number mo para doon nila e send yung code at ma verify na yung facebook account mo.


To reset your phone you may dial *2767*3855# or turn the phone off, remove the battery and then press and hold the Volume Up, Center button and Power button at the same time, just use the volume down button to toggle and select the wipe or reset to factory settings.


If you can`t remember your google account then be ready to have all your files stored deleted. This is the only way that you could open your tab without jeopardizing everything that`s in it. You might also want to try to go on service centers as they might be able to help you on this.


I think that was just a system glitch sometimes for the mozilla browser, you can log out and get back in after a minute or two to see if it will go back to its normal view, but if not ,you can log in using other browser to see if some changes will happen,.