Peeple App, Android Application Used to Rate and Review People

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Peeple App, Android Application Used to Rate and Review People –, We looked online before going to a restaurant or hotel reservations. We scored, we discuss, analyze and share how they are to serve as help others. Now a step further. Now they can also be scored people, discuss their positive and negative aspects. Peeple app arrives, review the application to people.

peeple ap for iphone

Founders of this peeple app for android or iphone, Julia Codray and Nicole McCullough, have, on information given by the Washington Post, that the main purpose is that we can search the network for other aspects of life in addition to the ones we use and when we seek what car to buy, ejemeplo . Nicole also argues that you can use Peeble to know who leaves her two children.

To review conditions will be, given the dangers that may have application as well. To participate in Peeble will have to be of age, have a Facebook account and use your real name. In addition, we will classify our relationship with the person to whom we will review (personal professional relationship, or romantic) and have the phone number of the person.

The positive reviews will be uploaded to the peeple app network immediately but negative rooming for 48 hours in a private space and only appear those of people who have wanted to be registered. If you are not registered, only the positive reviews appear. Criticism, they say its creators, will be heavily monitored to not allow certain behaviors such as sexism, health information or derogatory language. They will be rigorous against abuses.

Download peeple app for iphone from iTunes Apps Store Here.