Philips Ties up with Apple in Their iPod New Docking Stations

By On Sunday, November 27th, 2016 Categories : iPod Touch

After a couple of decades of producing high quality appliances, Philips made a sudden, bright move to have their name be seen on the top again. Philips’ success has been exceptionally great that they were able to top the best among the best when it comes to sole proprietorship of high quality electronic devices and appliances. The name itself is a legend when it comes to the quality of sounds when it comes to audio system and the clarity of resolution when it comes to video infrastructure. 

Until now, Philips has the name and reputation to take care of. But the name is about to, once again, make it to the top when they released their first Docking stations for iPod. People were shocked upon knowing that Philips has just produced a great digital-electronic device to be the Dock of the ever-popular Apple iPod. 

And now, for the second time around, Philips introduces the newest iPod Docking Stations in town! If it were a love story, Philips is making a great affair with iPod and threats a brighter future to their competitor. 

The good news is, Philips has become so digitalized to have included all that iPod lovers are looking for in a docking station. One of the most recent models include the BTM-630, an MP3/CD Player which clearly gives way and highlights the iPod dock. The Bluetooth connectivity has been added to supplement what has been lacking during their first model of docking stations. But wait, there’s more!

The new BTM-630 also includes peripheral devices for practical use such as USB Port and MMC/SD Slot. The surprise piece is that, you can burn WMA and MP3 music files to a CD from your USB flash drives or memory cards. These functionalities are just too much to handle if Philips was not so competent enough. But honestly, no one ever thought that a small device can hold on to your favorite iPod to produce Hi Fidelity audio with the capability of copying your favorite songs to a CD right there and then 

If you are asking for more, then Philips has another one to give; the DCD-778 which includes 8.5 inches LCD, QUAM/ATSC TV tuner, an AM/FM Hi-Fi Tuner and of course, an iPod Dock. At $399, you will never regret having one for yourself. 

In a nutshell, Philips just made a great leap from the past to the future of digital devices. If you think you need the best docking station for your iPod, look no further; Philips can satisfy your needs!