Phone and email of jurisdiction assessment officer 64(1) ward?

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Phone and email of jurisdiction assessment officer 64(1) ward?. Are You guys own this kind of concern?, If yes then please found the solution right after below:

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Dear (Sir/Madam):

Greetings of peace!

Having a great man like you as our ward officer is an honor and a grace for us. I know that you really care for your people and you want for their betters. With this I would like to suggest to check the bad roads that in our community. This bad road really affects our daily lives and make us all uncomfortable.

Hoping for your kind actions.

Sincerely yours:



Sample letter of an email for the earliest payment.

Dear Sir,

Its an honor to all of us to worked in your company,and you already told us that we don`t have nothing to shy off if we want something that the company are still benefit of it.

We would like you to know that we need to get that earliest pay for this month,for the reason that we really need the money.

Yours Truly,.


Portfolio is one of the most important in the student and teacher. It may benefit student by reviewing all his works to improve. It may also benefit the teacher as well because through this the teacher can somehow show evidence to the student`s parent for questioning about the grading basis.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings! A year has passed and as you could see that all my efforts I made the entire year and that I would greatly appreciate if you would increase my salary to 20% from the one that I have for the current year.


Perhaps they were looking for experienced people to train for management and if they were to rehire you, it would indicate you had a clean record and had performed well before.


To know more about that person or you have an important thing to discuss with him/her, I suggest that you should visit him in his/her office.


I had a cousin who worked for them and they let her know 3 days after that she had passed.


I would not email a bank officer to ask for money. I would go in person and plead your case.


Answer me pls.