Please help how to hard boot Samsung galexy?

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Please help how to hard boot Samsung galexy?. Do You sir & mam has that kind of question?, If do then plz get the good answer right after below:\r\n

Answers for this question:

These will fix the stock up on boot menu problem.

* Hold power button for 5-10 seconds till it switch off.

* Do the factory reset again. Hold power button + Volume up + Home button.

* Then in boot menu or recovery menu choose wipe all data and cache/factory settings.

* Then choosing press volume down. Execute power button.

* Then a confirmation will ask, Choose -yes delete all data name. By pressing volume down to highlights and power button to confirm.

* After the factory reset choose reboot system now. to start again your galaxy 2.


There are some methods to do hard reset without using your power button and volume control. Here are a few of them.

Open your samsung cover and unplug the battery wire for 20 seconds

plug in your phone in your PC and download the latest software update in their website support tab.

locate a tiny hole around your phones cover and press it for 20 seconds.

hold reset button for 30 seconds.

these are some ways and to navigate, use your control buttons.


My samsung galaxy tab, keeps going to revcoverty mode and will never completly start and it wont shut off. I tried taking the battery and sim out, and hard boot now what? I have taken the battery and sm card out and tried holding down the power, volumn and the button on the left bottom noe what nothing works.


Turn phone off. Then hold down the power key volume down key, and camera key at the same time until it powers up.


Press and hold the power and volume up and down buttons simultaneously.


My coolpad smartphone froze when i turned it on and i wvwn hard reset it.


No the only thing u can do is the hard reset.


Irobbot pc 9.7 systems boot channa.