Portable Speakers for iPod

By On Thursday, March 1st, 2018 Categories : iphone

Ipod has made our music world really an exciting one and we should say that it has taken our music world to the next level. To take it one step ahead the portable speakers for ipod. These ipod portable speakers pump out major dosage of sound. Are you a kind of person who looks out for high output in sound? Then this speaker is your best choice. This speaker is a portable device and it is an easy thing to carry as well. So you can use this speaker to hear songs when you are on travel or when you are on gym or anywhere around the corner. This portability option adds a value to this speaker.

This portable speaker for ipod is easy to handle as well. Yes, you can easily operate this speaker using your ipod. People have a common notion that these speakers don’t have long battery life. In fact these ipod portable speakers have more than 30 hour battery life. 4 AAA batteries are used to give power to the speaker. The design features of this speaker are absolutely stunning and it is natural as well. These stereo speakers are normally protected by a plastic caging and it has 2 holes in front of the panel. There is a separate cover that protects the amplifiers and speakers.

The plastic cover is made up of high quality material. This quality plastic withstands any kind of external shocks and even if you drop this speaker down this plastic presents gives high protection. Weight of this speaker is very less and it lies anywhere between 9-10 ounces.