Powerful iPhone Apps to Find Your Next Job

By On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 Categories : iphone

Whether you’re currently unemployed or you’re looking to take the next step in your career, you’re probably carrying around a powerful tool to help you find that next job – your iPhone! If you’re like most people, your iPhone is with you all the time, so it’s easy to maximize your free time searching out and preparing for exciting new career opportunities. Here are a few of the best iPhone apps to use when you’re job hunting.


JobFinder – $0.99


This app saves you time by aggregating all the available job listings from the major career sites, including Monster, Indeed, and Beyond. Simply specify the regions you’re willing to work in and the types of jobs you’d like. You can then search once instead of taking time to search and weed through results on each separate site.


Craigster – $1.99


Many employers now post their ads on Craigslist, but it’s very time consuming to search through the ads, especially if you’re willing to work in more than one area. This app allows you to browse or search for jobs across different regions, then you can call or email right from each listing. There’s also a Mobile Pro version, which enables you to save your favorite searches and find new ads that match your specifications more quickly.


LinkedIn – Free


They say there are only six degrees of separation between you and any other person on Earth, so it stands to reason that you know someone – who knows someone – who knows about the job opening you’re dreaming of. LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site that puts this principle to use. Develop a network of people you know, and then search for job openings. It’s highly likely that someone in your network will be able to make a personal introduction on your behalf to get your foot in the door.


Real-Time Jobs – Free


This is another app that uses social networking to help you find a new job, but it’s done through Twitter. Real-Time Jobs scours through millions of Tweets based on the location and job title you search for. It can also help you make new business contacts and personally network to find that new job.


Job Search Organizer – Free


Once you start using the apps listed above, it can become very difficult to remember which jobs you’ve already applied for, who you have interviewed with, and which companies you need to follow up with. This app keeps track of all the jobs you’ve applied to, and also streams in new job listings that match your criteria. It can also store your resume so you can quickly forward it to new prospective employers.


Interview Questions and Answers – $1.99


Most job hunters don’t realize the importance of a good interview, but in today’s tough job market there are often more qualified employees than job openings. One way to set yourself apart from the competition is during the interview process. This app includes 150 different questions you could be asked on an interview. This enables you to prepare the perfect answer in advance, drawing attention to your strengths and convincing the employer you’re the one they’re looking for.


So the next time you’re standing in line for coffee or commuting on the bus, have a look at these apps. You dream job is certainly just a few screen taps away!

Stephanie Sanders is a communications consultant who writes for a UK mobile phones site, which offers all the latest phones and plans.