Prank Me! iPhone App Review

By On Monday, February 12th, 2018 Categories : iphone

JBMJBM, LLC brings “Prank Me!” iPhone app with 32 hilarious voice to prank your buddies. All we love pranking our friends. How about pranking your friends with hilarious soundboards? Is there is any app for that? Yes you can do that with “Prank Me!”

Prank Me! is an entertainment app, that was build to call up your buddies to make a hilarious call with pre-defined phrases. Currently there are 32 hilarious characters are available (more coming soon). You can simply dial a number directly from your iPhone’s contacts and use our voice activating buttons to guide a prank conversation that is immensely funny.

Lite version of this app is available but you can get the full access and features only in the pro version. I have used this app and it is really worth every penny. The most interesting thing is that I have pranked most of my friends and still they are not aware of being pranked. Voices and modulations are so real and natural.

Let me list the available characters in this app,

•Al Pacino
•Ms. Cleo
•Joe Pesci
•Judge Judy
•Sgt. Hartman
•Random Guy
•Phone Company
•Car Salesman
•Bill Collector
•Missed Appointment
•Male Coach
•Female Coach
•Animal Control
•Middle Eastern
•Old Boyfriend
•Call Girl
•Contest Winner
•Feminine Man
•Massage Parlor
•Mile High Club
•One Night Stand
•Tree Hugger Society

There are additional features available, check out in appstore.

Overall Prank Me! is a pretty good app to change your bored hours into an exciting one.

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