Problem with screen calibration lg gt 400?

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Problem with screen calibration lg gt 400?. Are You guys has that kind of question?, If do then please found the good tips right after below:\r\n

Opens up the option 2 centimeters lower. require a new calibration screen, but I can not open the calibration of the problem.


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Once the calibration dont work that is it new phone.


You should bring your item to Service center of nextbook tablet. The LCD touchscreen has a factory defect. Tell them the problem and maybe they will they replace them with new ones. Before bring the item first make sure if it was 100% condition, no visible defect, always check the touchscreen, buttons, the battery itself, and its accesories included. To ensure that this item is properly in good condition.


You could try recalibrating the touchscreen by going to Menu, Settings, Language & keyboard, Touch Input, Text Input, under Finger touch precision, choose Calibration tool or even Reset calibration. If it still happens, you may have a bad screen which should be covered under warranty.

Marjhone Casas

My lg gs290 screen doesn`t let me click on the menu button to go to the touch screen calibration. What shall I do, I can only access Dialing and Contacts on my phone.


Call your company and they can resend your phone the software because thats what happened to my old ones there nice to help but try to reset it.


My LG VU has bad calibration so when i go to fix the calbration it says invalid. how do i fix thisss.?

megan nicole

Try tapping the the plus (+) sign where it appears.