Provisional Attributes of the Latest iPhone 4G from Apple

By On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 Categories : iphone

As the big date for the revelation of Apple’s latest creation approaches, more and more trickles as to what will be incorporated in their latest iPhone 4G versions are coming out. However, leaks as they are called, this information is still subject to change.

The following are the most predicted features of the iPhone 4G software, which are considered tentative, though.

  1. Better Battery. The word better here points out to certain enhancement of iPhone’s battery feature. And that would be a hope that Apple would design a detachable battery system on their Phone. Swappable batteries for this latest iPhone would surely a promising feature.
  2. Better Network Coverage. The fact that it is already a 4G software upgrade, it is but promising that the iPhone’s network coverage would be utilizing the 4G network. This means a wider and better access of users to different sites.
  3. 3.    Front-Facing Camera. Contrary to the existing camera scheme in mobile phones, Apple’s iPhone seized the patented front-facing cam. However, it is not designed for video chatting. It has been rumored though, that the latest iPhone 4G would come up with built-in video attributes. If Apple would materialize such feature in this new iPhone OS 4.0, then 2010 will surely be the year for videophones.
  4. 4.    Bing as Default Search Engine. In line with the buzz about the Bing negotiation between Apple and Microsoft, it somehow depicts a bigger possibility that Apple would integrate the new iPhone with Bing as a default search engine to be utilized. Why not Google? Well, let us just wait as Apple explains everything on their grand debut this 27th.
  5. 5.    An RFID Antenna for iPhone 4G. The integration of an RFID antenna is patented by Apple business. Such assimilation has been a hummed over the Internet, lately. If this would be true, then iPhone users would benefit much on the quick-swipe offers.

All these provisional features of the iPhone 4G and more will be confirmed and elucidated on the next Apple announcement this year. Better keep updated for who knows, what the Apple novelties can do at this time. Let us just hope, Apple would be able to materialize all the necessary features in their next product or software release.

You may want to add up more of the features you think should be incorporated in the latest iPhone 4G or 4.0 OS update. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.