Pwhat must I do I am setting up a new TV. I am only getting Chanels 367 and uy?

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Pwhat must I do I am setting up a new TV. I am only getting Chanels 367 and uy?. Are You Mrs or Mr own that kind of problem?, If do then please check the best answer below:\r\n

Setting up a new TV, Cannot get smaller number channels example Chanel 2, 7, 10.,,g.


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Sorry I didn’t find any solution via searching on your query or problem, the best solution i can give you is contact your service provider for your dish TV and ask them about your problem. You can get accurate answer from them. In my experience on Cable Company or online cable subscription, you need to contact or update them if you want to delete or add channel.


I would check the connection/wiring between the splitter and the TV or try connecting another TV to the cable. If the second TV does not work it is either the cable drop or the splitter port, otherwise check to make sure the Tv not working has the proper input selected (ANT-RD-ect)


Yes you can, please go directly to this link and it will show you on how are you going to watch using PSN or play station network. It is online by the way so secure your internet



You need to find a professional who can come and do this for you. You will need to play around with the angle of the satellite and then get the correct program so you can get that station. gl.


I don`t think that you can record a channel with that kind of numbering. Channels are done only in whole number and integer, not on decimal numbers.


To watch TV on your Tablet you need to download 3rd party apps like and Watch TV from google Playstore.


Read manual or try tuning it in using set up settings.


You cant do it period so dont even try to.