Quick iPad Battery Tips — Saving Battery Life

By On Saturday, January 27th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Battery life is been an ongoing issue with the current portable phones either from Apple or other entrants. However, the iPad Tablet’s battery life makes a difference. During the official debut of the iPad last 27th of January of this year, it was announced that the device, when fully charged can stay alive up to 10 hours of usage. There are even other relevant product reviews telling that it can reach up to more than the ten-hour battery life endurance. You can refer on to the following quick iPad battery tips for you to save more battery life from the tablet device. 

#1. Disable 3G functions – The 3G Internet connections can also run down batteries of those iPad models utilizing an always-on 3G network. If you think you do not need to be online, then you can save more battery by turning off the 3G function of the device. In order to turn 3G off, go to the Settings app menu, select General, then Network and finally switch 3G to off mode. 

#2. Disable Wifi – Enabling of the Wifi network can also drain the iPad’s battery. This is regardless of whether you are online or offline. Thus, if you are offline and do not plan to go online for some time, then you can temporarily disable the Wifi function. This way, you can save more battery life. To disable Wifi in the iPad, tap on the Settings menu then go to Network. Select Wifi option and switch it to off mode. 

#3. Disable Data Push – Data push is a device feature that automatically pushes email data from the web down to the iPad, when it is online. Knowing the wireless networking consumes battery life, for practical reasons, you can temporarily disable the function when you are not using it. As an alternative, you may set a periodical email check in your iPad system. You can turn Data Push feature off by getting to the Settings menu, then go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select Fetch New Data, and set the Push option to off. 

#4. Seldom Fetch Email – This in line with the previous tip on disabling Data Push on emails. If you wish to turn off Data Push but still would want to check emails in your iPad, you can modify the Fetch Email settings appropriately by indicating how often the iPad system would check emails. Note that the seldom you check, the more battery you can save. You can edit these settings via Settings menu, then proceed to Mail, Contacts, Calendars option, go to Fetch New Data and alter the settings beneath the Push menu item. 

#5. Disable Bluetooth – Knowing that wireless networking can also drain the iPad’s battery, you then can temporarily disable the Bluetooth networking function. This pertains to the connection of accessories as such with the headphones, keyboards and speakers to the iPad. If you would not want to connect these paraphernalia then you can turn the Bluetooth feature off. 

Majority of the approaches used to saving battery life of the iPad device are done by temporarily turning off or disabling some of the features that can drain the battery. Other ways to preserve the iPad battery are fulfilled by reducing the brightness of the screen, utilizing auto-brightness and auto-lock feature sooner, disabling equalizer and location services. You can make use of these quick iPad Battery tips to preserve your gadget’s battery life.