Quoridor Award Winning Board Game iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Game App

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Quoridor award winning board game iPod Touch, Iphone, Ipad Game App. Do you love mazes ? Everyone gets fascinated by mice experiments to see if the mouse reach the exit from the labyrinth.
This game is a mix between a classic game like chess and a lab experiment.

In this Board game iphone app you must create around the opponent’s pawn (the mice) a maze using your fences (barriers). The goal is to make the opponents’ path longer as possible, in fact wins the game the player which pawn reach the opposite side of the board first.

Each player has a set of fences that can be used to impede the progress of the opponent, however, an access to the goal line must always be left open.

Quoridor game app for iPhone, ipad and ipod touch offers you endless challenges to test your strategy, but allows to do an easy play
because do not require the deep skills needed to play chess. In fact chess players do not like it at all.

The original Quoridor it is a classic board game that won worldwide game of the year awards on the 1997-1998.

This game App allows you to play against the A.I. with 3 different skill levels with 1 opponent on basic levels and against 3 opponents on the higher level.

You can also play against your friends. No network is required, playing the game on iPad or iPhone players exchange the device in turn to do the actions, instead playing on the iPadthey have a flat 3D board that looks exactly to the original wood game.

This iPhone game application runs seamlessy on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad adapting to each device to get the best from each one.
For example on the iPod Touch or iPhone this app do not drain your battery life; if you shake the device it makes and Undo action;
it auto-turn off sound effects if your iTunes is playing on the background.

Grab this Quoridor board game for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Here.

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