Reasons and Solution When Your iPad App is Rejected

By On Sunday, February 4th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Recently Apple has just released their latest PC tablet which is called
iPad. iPad has reached a popularity in the market since it has so many
amazing capabilities both for computing and multimedia functions since we can use it as an e-book reader, photo album, gaming, movie player, jukebox music, web browser and many others. We can get all these features when all hardware and software work properly in iPad. Many of us might not know what to do exactly when our iPad app is rejected from the Apple Store. There are basically so many reasons why our iPad application is rejected from the App store. The first thing you need to do is to open the Human Interface Guidelines or known as HIG. You’re advised to read it and check if your problem is also mention in HIG so you can take further actions to fix it.

The most common reason of the rejection is that Apple will always test your iPad applications carefully in order to avoid it from virtual viruses or bugs that may harm the whole application systems that may cause further technical failures. once Apple Store detects a virtual bug or virus in your iPad it will immediately reject your iPad when your iPad experience the same thing then it’s very necessary for you to check your iPad application very carefully before you ask for approval at the Apple store. Another major reason why your iPad application is rejected buy the Apple store is that due to the copyright violation. We all know that there are so many pirated iPad applications and software we can find in the black markets. These apps are absolutely much cheaper than the original ones but they commonly have poorer quality. This is includes the photos, videos, music or sounds icons or trademarks of Apple that you purchase without permission. The Apple store is very sensitive therefore it’s necessary for you to remove all those sounds, pictures, videos, icons, trademarked words or others before you submit the iPad applications in Apple store.

Another general reason for Apple to reject your iPad app is due to the
objectionable reasons. Apple store can identify if you have inappropriate or explicit materials or other objectionable materials. The simplest thing you need to do is to remove all your videos, music, photos, language and other objectionable materials from your iPad. Always stay calm when your iPad app is rejected instead try to read carefully the guidelines to get the best solution.