Release Your Emotion With Kick The Buddy

By On Friday, March 16th, 2018 Categories : iPod Touch


Stress with your real life? this is one alternative to relaxing from your iPhone or iPod Touch. This game is called Kick the Buddy. It is actually an entertainment app with a little ragdoll that has only one purpose for its existence, it is to let you blow your emotion. The buddy can be brutalized or only interacted with various ways.

At the first level, you will only have a few weapons such as pistol, mace, or granade. But after you kick tthis buddy and knock him down, you will get some cash that you can use to purchase some other goods. If you are bored with the doll’s face, you canchange it with your built-in camera and set someone’s face on it.

This app will keeps tracking all your statistics such as the age of your buddy, your total earned money, and how many times you have knocked your buddy down. To make it more interesting, you can get the Game Center achievements just to show off to your friends. Today, AppAdvice is colaborating with Appzap to give you one of the six promo codes for this app which is currently valued $.99. Check the next link to get free games for ipod touch or ipad.