Reviewing iFunia DVD to iPod Converter

By On Saturday, January 20th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Here is one other software that you may consider for your iPod device — the iFunia DVD to iPod Converter, as referred to.

What is iFunia DVD to iPod Converter version 2.2?

The name implies its identity. By definition, iFunia DVD to iPod converter is an application that is responsible for converting video files into iPod readable formats. The program is integrated with multiple tools for editing certain video files.

For the DVD to iPod Converted to work properly, you need to secure a Mac OS X 10.5 and higher version as your platform, with a RAM of 512MB and a processor of 1Ghz or faster.

What you should need to consider prior to getting such app?

Just to give you a heads up though, this DVD to iPod Converter branded by iFunia may appear to have lower video quality compared to other entrants. While it seizes several video editing tools, they may not be totally valuable. You also have to be aware that you would need to secure distinct products for each iPhone, iTunes and iPod conversion, which is certainly bizarre since it should supposed to be all-in-one package, meaning it should support these three components.

How to Use it?

There are indeed a lot of program varieties that offer the same functions as the iFunia does to the iPhone and iPod, but there are also some features other entrants don’t have, which are made accessible with the iFunia DVD to iPod Converter.


The app works similarly with the others in terms of video file conversion with the iPod. All you have to do is insert a DVD, choose the appropriate encoding type, choose the video file to encode, and proceed with the video file alteration to the iPod system. What makes the difference is that, with the iFunia offers a window where you can preview what segment of the video or movie you are choosing prior to converting it. While with converters, such function would be a guessing game, since DVD’s usually do not provide title for the chapters, but instead utilize headers as such with Chapter_01 and things like that. Now, this is where iFunia gains an edge over the other video-to-iPod video converters.

Additionally, you can also have several conversion settings including MP4 extra video, MP4 480p, MP4 widescreen (manually configured to 30frames per second), and MP4 for widescreen (automatic – default set up).

You may also convert audio tracks aside from video files. Once you found the video file or clip to convert, you can select from any conversion preset for you iPod model, and then proceed with encoding the video file or clip to a distinct level of quality. One more thing with the presets, though they are great but it’s just that the options are not really that clear. Perhaps, this should be rectified with the subsequent versions.


Nevertheless, such advantage is still not enough to make the iFunia DVD converter the number one choice.

Once you have successfully converted the video, you can now be able to view it with your iPod in a quality that is just fine. The overall quality is okay, but there are just some little glitches when viewing the converted video to your iPod or computer. An example of this is a choppy panning of the camera and things like that. It indicates that something is really not good.

Given with this information, you can decide whether to go for iFunia video app converter for the iPod or consider some other options available. You can get this iFunia iPod video converter application at a fairly low cost.