Reviewing the 16GB iPad WiFi Tablet from Apple

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The Apple’s iPad Tablet has been a buzz over the Internet and huge TV networks since the year 2010 started. Rumors and suppositions prior to its official publication were spread. Until the 27th day of January came in and everything was clarified by the Apple people themselves, giving answers to hanging questions, fulfilling the ‘wishes-to-see’ from the actual gadget, and offering disappointments to some unfulfilled aspirations from the iPad’s missing features and functions. Let us take a closer look at one specific model of this latest creation from Apple — the 16GB iPad WiFi Tablet device. 

The Pros 

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  • Physical Scheme – One word best describes the iPad’s design — that is, simple. Yet when the time it was officially shown up to the masses, many have undeniably uttered their admirations. The nominal scheme of the gadget encompasses one home button on its façade while on the edges are buttons for screen orientation, power/sleep, locking and volume are located. The brushed aluminum cover certainly makes it look more elegant than the others. 
  • Screen Display – The 9.7 inches LED output screen is perceptibly nice. It allows users to clearly view graphics and read texts, regardless of whether you are indoor or outdoor. Additionally, the device is also provided with a rounded back that offers comfort while holding it.
  • Usage – In line with its nominal design, the 16GB iPad Tablet is also designed in a way that is very easy to utilize by any type of user. This is perhaps the rationale behind the less bulky manual it has. 
  • Easy set up – Setting up the iPad would only require you to hook it up to a pc with the newest iTunes version installed.
  • GUI – The user interface also obtains simple design, making it ultimately user-friendly. The basic functions to utilize in the manipulation of the gadget would include swiping, pinch-to-zoom, tapping and auto-screen rotating. The data input is made possible with a better touch screen utility.
  • Extended battery life- This WiFi 16GB iPad Tablet also appears to be better in terms of battery endurance. It can keep you up until ten hours of browsing the net, movie viewing and more.
  • High Speed Performance – The iPad tablet is designed to be loved by impatient users who want nothing but quick processing of certain tasks. From the instigation of every application to the downloading and browsing of graphics and photos, all are done instantaneously.
  • Reasonable Price – Anyone interested to own a 16GB iPad tablet capable of WiFi can procure the gadget at the opening rate of $499.

The Cons

Users who are get used to a Windows OS may take time familiarizing and navigating throughout the files, especially if there are a lot to go through. There are also some essential components missing in the iPad system which include:

  • Flash support – Having no flash support would hinder browsing through flash-video-embedded sites like Facebook.
  • Multi-tasking – It is just a bit odd to miss this important feature especially if the device seemingly denotes a minicomputer-phone. Users then have to utilize applications one at a time. The toggling between apps can also be done quickly, thought.
  • Camera – This simply indicates the incapability of the iPad to take videos as such when chatting through Skype. Aside from the missing camera, the device also misses to offer users with SD Card and USB slot.

While the 16GB iPad Wifi Tablet from Apple seizes a lot of promising features and functions, there are still some essential components that need to be integrated in the coming versions, for it to become a perfect gadget for all. But overall, the latest iPad is still great and better than the other eReader device entrants.

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