Reviewing the Apple’s Remote iPhone Application

By On Thursday, January 18th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Another creation from the novelties of Apple business has emerged in the contemporary mobile phone market. This time it is in the software aspect. Such is identified by the name Remote, an application that is specifically designed for iPhone gadgets. Let us see how this Remote iPhone Application works.

Software Overview

Introducing the first program created by Apple for their very own iPhone contrivance — the Remote software. Particularly, this new Apple application is made available for the App store for iPhone. The latter is described as an online store that is quite similar to the iTunes store offering 3rd-party applications. Such third-party programs are utilized to maximize the utility features of the Apple’s mobile phone gadgets, specifically those running the iPhone firmware version 2.0.

The Pros

As the name entails, the Remote application for iPhone is supposed to alter the iPod Touch and/or iPhoneinto a seemingly remote control devices, running over a Wifi connection. These remote control devices as depicted by the iPhone or iPod, will be utilized in controlling either the Apple TV or the iTunes library in a computer.

Basing on the advertisements and in the actual usage, this Remote program certainly works great. There significance will be much more appreciated during house parties, wherein you can let the music play in any spot or room you wanted. You will experience more than just fun out of it.

After you have established the connection, all the iTunes library contents as such with movie, TV shows, MTVs, audiobooks and podcasts, or Apple TV contents would then be accessible from your portable device as if they were locally stored in there. You can also play any music or movie file on the pc, remotely.

Additionally, you can get the Remote iPhone application for free.

The Cons

Though the pairing procedure of the Apple TV/iTunes library and the iPod Touch/iPhone is literally simple, you may also found it tricky especially if it is the first time you would install. There may issues with the connections as Firewalls may tend to halt or block the network but that should only happen once. So the next time you try to establish a connection between the device and the network (WiFi), that should be okay since it will be automatic.

Remote also missed some important web radio stations, likewise with the iTunes DJ queue on your desktop. Yet, this should be rectified in the later days, with the subsequent Remote iPhone application versions.

The Remote application version 1.0 for the iPhone device is also compatible with the iPhone 3G and the 1st Generation iPhone, aside from the iPod Touch and Apple TV contrivances.