Reviewing the CBS Sports NCAA March Madness Application for iPod and iPhone

By On Friday, January 19th, 2018 Categories : iphone

With either iPhone or iPod devices, you can view every single NCAA tournament game, anytime and anywhere you wanted, with LIVE coverage! This is made promising with CBS Sports NCAA March Madness Application for iPod and iPhone devices.

What is CBS Sports NCAA March Madness?

It is a new exiting application designed for both the iPhone and iPod devices. The CBS Sports NCAA March Madness App is also associated with CBS Interactive Inc, which is intended for live video streaming purposes. What it offers for viewing are every NCAA tournament live events. So, to those iPhone/iPod fanatics who at the same time avid NCAA game viewers, you have got a good reason to go get this app for you iPhone or iPod gadgets.

Heads Up

Prior to get a share of this CBS Sports NCAA March Madness, be sure to know what you ought to discern about such application. The following are both the good and the bad side of the said iPod and iPhone software.


It keeps you lively updated with the NCAA games, events and team statistics. Additionally, radio coverage for each game is also accessible. Aside from the live updates, the CBS Sports app is also embedded with multiple useful features to every iPhone and iPod users.

Among the most valuable features of the application are the Tournament Brackets and News. The main screen or page encompasses the schedule of tournaments and NCAA match-up plays. Preview tab lists are also provided and perceptible in every game. Such feature seizes the benefit from various ranges of criteria as such with coaching, front court and more.

As for the news feature, CBS Sports March Madness app is also loaded with news contents. Nevertheless, some people may find the reading interface a bit odd due to the black background and white foreground.

Additional features included in the CBS Sports application is the Twitter and Facebook, which would then allow you to create updates directly from this iPhone and iPod application.

Tournament brackets can also be updated by utilizing a account that is free. You can create such account for future uses. Push notifications utility is also accessible in this March Madness app from CBS Sports. With this feature you can create alerts for more breaking news. Furthermore, you too can create additional alerts for a certain NCAA game you wish to keep posted. With the alert option, you will never be late nor missed every single game you love to watch. Not only that, you can also keep track on the current score updates.


Well, it is quite not good to know that such sports application for both the handy phones is expensive. Knowing that the application costs around $10 is really not that feasible for two-week NCAA sports coverage.  Not only that, you too may need to repurchase the application annually, just to stay updated with the NCAA tournaments in the succeeding years, per se the 2011 NCAA tournament events. The integration of several commercials is also one annoying aspect the application seizes.

With 3G and WiFi networks, you can then be good to go with your CBS Sports NCAA application in either your iPod or iPhone unit. It’s just another valuable application for the NCAA sports lovers across the globe. All these and more features can be perceived with March Madness App from CBS Sports.