Reviewing the iFitness App for iPhone

By On Saturday, January 20th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Here is yet another healthy application for every iPhone users who wish to stay fit — the iFitness App for iPhone. An additional fitness alternative is made more portable that this time, utilizing the iPhone to stay fit.

What is iFitness App?

The iFitness app is yet a far-reaching exercise collection. It is a program that is designed for exercising purposes, wherein users can keep track on their weight logs, while keeping on their exercising routines. In this program, users can view videos, pictures and text lines or descriptions in reference to exercising.

More Features and Functions

iFitness is one of the many exercising applications for the iPhone, available at present. Its main goal is to keep every iPhone user fit, build some muscles or even lose some unnecessary weights.

The program is embedded with a database management system, which holds over three exercises users can try or engage on as part of their daily exercising routine. These exercises are arranged alphabetically, according to which part of the body you wanted to work on, from abs, arms, backs, and so forth.

Pictures and images are also available for users to depict how to perform such exercise. More complex moves are made simpler with the illustrations provided. It also includes some video demonstrations on how each step is being performed.

If in case, you are confused with the videos, text descriptions are also provided to offer you with further explanations as to what such step is for and how to do it appropriately. Hence, it is not impossible for you to perfect your every move.

You may also view your workout logs via email. Just export all the graphical data on to your email and then you will be good to go with tracking your improvements from each respective work out session you have undergone. Body measurements and weight loss tracks are also possible with this iFitness application for iPhone. Body Mass Index or BMI calculator is also perceptible. If you wish to back up all your data, you may sign up for a free iFitness account and save your record in there.


While the iFitness offers a lot of good features, it also has some glitches. Inevitably, there are also some text descriptions and pictures that may appear to load slow. The rationale behind this issue is the fact that the EDGE streaming for iFitness is indeed slow.

Yet, overall, iFitness application for iPhone is really one of the greatest program you should consider getting. It is so far the best way to spend $2 out from your budget. Get fit with your handy iPhone with iFitness app on it.