Reviewing the Remarkable iPod Classic

By On Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Why do many people deemed iPod classic an excellent portable media player?

Well, it is true that there are some glitches and boundaries the iPod Classic obtains. Every product normally has glitches, though, either in the hardware or software aspect.

Yet, this fact did not hinder people to patronize the classic iPod. In fact, many of them are so happy to have such gadget, particularly the Classic edition. Overall, they are fulfilled with the foremost functions the iPod Classic does to them.

Regardless of the common supposition that says, “It may be the last of its kind from Apple,” more people still opt to procure one item of this iPod version. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Portable Size. The iPod Classic is remarkably handy. With a size that is seemingly equal to a cigarette pack; this device can be brought to any place without giving hassle to the carrier. Compared to the iPod video, the iPod classic appears to be much shorter and lighter. Yet, these two seems to have the same screen sizes, likewise offer similar functionalities.
  • Affordable Price. Well, if you can allot at least 300-400USD from your income, then you can already procure one item of this model. The price ranges from $249-$349 depending on the storage capacity.
  • Bigger storage capacity. Knowing that this is a Classic version, the maximum capacity of 160 gigabytes is certainly huge enough for you to store significant files. Even the least version has 80 gigabytes of its storage space.
  • More Extra Features. From the terrific traditional menus and interface, down to the music downloads and video viewing functions. The iPod classic never will fail its every user. The best highlight of the Classic edition of iPod is its capability to perform downloads quickly, roughly would take around five minutes.

Although, there are two major functions the iPod Classic lacks — the Internet connection and touch screen utility. It is understandable though, because this is yet a classic version and so, successive models should encompass these features.

Yet overall, in terms of storage and performance, the iPod classic version really is a good if not the best choice for many iPod users.