Reviewing the TuneCast Auto Live from Belkin — FM Transmitter for iPhone

By On Sunday, January 21st, 2018 Categories : iphone

Belkin, a prominent brand of techno-networking contrivances is now working on providing more utilities for the Apple’s portable gadgets. Such is made promising with their latest creation named Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter for iPhone gadgets. Aside from the iPhone, this FM transmitter can also work with the rest of the iPod devices, including iPod Touches, iPod Nanos and the 4th generation iPods. Let us see what this FM transmitter can do to the iPhone system.

What is Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter?

By definition, it is a device, an FM transmitter device that offers you more convenience when listening to music from the iPhone or iPod, particularly in your cars.

How to Use it?

In order to use this FM transmitter, you would need to plug it into the power jack in your car, and connect through a cord to the dock connector of the iPhone or iPod device. The cord that is connected to the portable gadget has a remote control, which is utilize in searching and setting favorite FM stations to listen to.

The iPhone’s embedded GPS will be utilized by the Belkin TuneCast Live to promptly find the FM station that is of clearest reception. Once found, the FM transmitter will broadcast over the handy phones. The remote control will offer you means to switch into the clearest FM station, by simply clicking the right button.

Utility Features and Functions

Specifically, this is an iPhone FM transmitter that is supported by GPS. By utilizing this transmitter on your handy gadgets, users can easily find their stations and listen on to their favorite songs.

Utilizing the Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter on your iPhone would mean two things, and that encompass, both utilizing the main FM function as the FM transmitter entails, at the same time charging the iPhone. In short, while you are using it, you too are charging your phone. You do not have to switch into an airplane mode.

Some Downsides

While the FM transmitter, TuneCast Auto Live from Belkin seizes several useful features and functions, it is also prone to weak signals or static interferences. Interferences are inevitable to the rest of the FM transmitters though.

The most important thing about this Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter for iPhone is its ability to boost signal strength, thereby making the station clearer and louder. It also offers a free app for the iPhone, which makes the interfacing of the two devices possible.

Now, you just discern on a better option to make your driving more fun and exciting, without putting your self at risk. With the remote controlled TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter, you can listen to music from your iPhone without looking at the iPhone screen, so you can concentrate on driving. It is a safe and sound offer from Belkin for the iPhone and the iPod gadgets. You can have it for $79.99.