Russian Firm Cracks Hardware Encryption on iOS4

By On Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 Categories : Jailbreak iPhone


A security firm from Russia, ElcomSoft, claiming that they have just cracked the hardware encryption on Apple iOS 4. Furthermore, they are offering the software that they used to crack it to the government and military agencies. It means that there is a possibility that the encryption tool will finally find its way to the other parties.

The cracking system is working with allowing the users to hold a number of keys in their devices. Then, the software will use its brute force decrypting method for each key. They said that for a device like the iPhone 4, it would take 40 minutes for a four digit key. After that, you will get the access to anything including the historical information such as browsing history, call history, and many more.

The only relieving thing is that whoever cracking those information for the device will still have the device itself in his or her position. Otherwise, some info without the smartphone or tablet itself won’t have much use for them. IT means that the chance for your device will ever be subjected to this is pretty small, so don’t let your gadget fall into the wrong hands.