Sample letter of explanation for late registration of birth?

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Sample letter of explanation for late registration of birth?. Do You sir & mam own this kind of inquiry?, If do then please check the good feedback right after this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

What country you were in..?

If you (or your child) were born in California, and the birth was never
 If Your Child is Over One Year Old: You can file an
Application for Delayed Registration of Birth (form VS 85) with
our office.
 If Your Child is Less Than One Year Old: Register the birth
through the local registrar of births in the county where the
child was born.
You can also petition the Superior Court to judicially establish the
fact of birth.

A Delayed Registration of Birth is a way to register a California
birth when the birth was not registered within the first year.
 Unlike regular birth certificates, delayed birth certificates are
not accepted as evidence in any proceeding involving estates
of decedents, or in any proceeding to establish heirship,
unless the affidavit of at least one person who knew the facts
was filed at the time the delayed birth certificate was
Only the person whose birth is being registered, if he or she is
at least 18 years of age at the time application is made.
 If the person whose birth is being registered is under 18 at the
time application is made, the application may be filed only by
his or her mother/parent, father/parent, legal guardian, or the
attending physician or principal attendant at birth.

Registering a Delayed Birth for Someone 12 Years or Over: All
documents submitted must have been established at least five years
before the date of application.
Registering a Delayed Birth for Child 2 Thru 11 Years: All
documents submitted must have been established at least two years
before the date of application.
Registering a Delayed Birth for Child Under 2 Years: All
documents submitted should have been established within the first 6
months of the child’s life.
Our office will keep all supporting documents that are submitted
as evidence. Please keep a file copy of all documents submitted to office.
¹ Hospital birth records and other medical records (not
immunization records or “souvenir” copies of birth records) are
excellent forms of documentary evidence that reflect parentage,
as are Newborn Screening Tests (PKU Tests).
The school must “seal” the documents in a school envelope –
which is not to be opened by the applicant. The applicant must
forward the unopened envelope to our office with the delayed
registration application. Make sure the school registrar knows
the document must show both the date and place of birth, and
must include the date the document was established.

If you do not have the information required by Health and Safety
Code Section 102585 to document the birth, you must petition
the Superior Court to judicially establish the facts of birth.
This can be done in the Superior Court in either the county of
residence of the person whose birth is being established (does
not have to be in California), or in the California county where the
birth was alleged to have occurred.


If you want to learn how to write MaternityLeave Letter. You can use this sample Maternity Leave Letter format directly as well.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I wish to take maternity leave starting from date. As you are aware I am pregnant and the baby is due on (date).I have attached the relevant medical application and other details. I would like to avail the entire maternity leave and benefits. Please guide me through the process of applying for the benefits.

The leave I would like to apply from (date) to (date).I also want to add up my annual leave along with the maternity leave so that I can be with the baby after the delivery. All in together I would be taking a 3 months leave and will join immediately after that. But in case of any complication I will inform you about the extension of the leave.

I hope you will consider my situation and allow me to take the annual leave along with the maternity leave, please confirm me the dates of leave and also the date of joining back.

Waiting for the reply and thanks for your time and consideration.


Your name.

Hope this helps.



(write the name of the SSS head)
(write the office address)
(write the date)

Dear Sir/ Ma`am:

I am Mrs. Alliah Grace Gonzales, the daughter of the late Mr. Rolando Gonzales who passed away last April 20, 2014 due to heart failure. I am writing this letter to ask an apology pertaining to the submission of his death certificate as main requirement for death claim benefit. We have a lot of things to prepare that time and the family is still on shocking state because of his death. I am further request for an assistance so that we can claim it since we still have accounts to be paid of pertaining to his burial fees. I am willing to discuss this matter in person in your most convenient time. Thank you so much for your kind consideration.


Signature over printed name.


Please see the sample letter below.

To whom it may concern:

Warm greetings!

I _______ (state your name) holder of SSS number _________, would like to file for late maternity notification. Due to the fact that i have given birth recently, i was not able to file this on time as i have suffered from Post Natal problems that include: afterbirth pains, that is why i was medically advised to stay indoors and regain my strength for a period of time.

I sincerely hope that your good office will accept my late filing of maternity. Thank you for your time and i am looking forward to your positive response with my issue.

Very respectfully yours,
Your name.


Name of the Company

To whom this may concern,

I write this letter to apologize the late of submission of my claim regarding t.the accident insurance. I submitted this late because I was confined in a hospital and can`t work on this during that time. But I hope I can still avail my insurance from you. Thank you!

Respectfully yours,
Your name


Name of company

Dear Sir/Ma`am,

Good day! I write this letter to apologize for the late submission of my report. I submitted this late because of (explain your reason here) I promise that this wont happen again. I am hoping for your usual kind and consideration. Thank you!

Respectfully yours,
Your name.


Due to some difficulties we could not register birth details with concerned authorities. You are requested to condone the delay caused and admit birth registration of our child named – ——, birth details are as follows: 1. birth place.


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