Sample of board resolution in closing a corporation?

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Sample of board resolution in closing a corporation?. Are You guys own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please read the good answer right after below:

Answers for this question:

Hello here is your simple letter as you requested.!

In regards to: John Q. Inmate
123 Jailhouse Lane
Prison City, Any State 12345

Honorable Members of the Parole Board
Any State Board of Pardons and Parole
555 Parole Board Avenue
PB City, Any State 12345

Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

My name is Sue Friendly. I am 34 years old and have been a Librarian for the Little City Library for 15 years. I am the sister of John Q. Inmate DOC#0123456789.

Since being incarcerated, John has completed his G.E.D. and gone on to start college courses in Information Technology. He has graduated with honors from Behavioral Health courses, and always has a positive attitude when we visit or talk on the phone. He takes full responsibility for the actions that led to his incarceration, and shows considerable remorse.

My husband and I are more than willing to provide John with every aspect of support, guidance, accountability and love. The job market in Little City is booming. My husband can offer him direct employment at the carrot canning factory upon John being granted parole. We also have an extra car that he can use until he has saved enough to purchase his own vehicle.

I believe beyond a doubt that given the opportunity of parole, John will come home and make us all proud. Thank you for your time and attention.


Susan B. Friendly.

Marjhone Casas

(Barangay’s Letterhead)

BARANGAY (Name of your Barangay) RESOLUTION

I, (Name of Brgy. Captain), (Title/Barangay Captain) of (Barangay`s Name), do hereby certify that the following is a full, true and correct copy of a resolution duty adopted by the Barangay Council of said Barangay, at its meeting duly called at (Location or Address for e.g Barangay Hall), on the nth day of (Month), 20013, at which a quorum was present and acting throughout; and that said resolution has not been modified, amended or rescinded and continues in full force and effect.

RESOLVED that the person(s) holding positions(s) of (Name of Position(s), is/are hereby authorized to execute on behalf of the Barangay any bid, proposal or contract for government and civil services performed by the Barangay, and to execute any action required by any such bid, proposal or contract with (Your City) and with any other Barangays.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said (Barangay Name), this nth day of (Month) 2013.

Signature & Title/Position of Barangay Captain

Always Remember: The Barangay Resolution is usually certified and signed by Barangay Secretary and its Councilors.


You can follow this format for your Baranggay resolution:

Counseling of the common council of Baranggay _______ (name of baranggay). City of _______ (city name). That took place at _______ (place held) on ______ (date).


___________ (Insert name of those who attended)

Did not Attend:



RULING OVER THE DECISION ABOUT ______________________ (insert topic here)

Whereas, we are _____________________ (concern #1 regarding topic)

Whereas, we are _____________________ (concern #2 regarding topic)

Whereas, we are _____________________ (concern #3 regarding topic)

*If there is a need to name anyone, please put their names as a list at the 3rd concern.

Therefore, as suggested by ______ (name of whoever suggested) that _______ (topic) that is seconded by ______ (name of person who second the motion), and the rest of the Baranggay _____ of ______ decided that _______________ (decision over topic).

* Those named must sign the document itself.


Sample letter to the Mayor

To : Name of Mayor
( City Mayor))

From Your Name
(any position you hold)

Date :

Re : Notice of Closure.

Dear Sir/ Madame,

Kindly be informed that effective ____(date)_____ our Top Mangement

and Board of Directors have come to decide to cease operation .

We are very thankful for the no. of years of our stay in your community .

Looking forward we are looking for better opportunities and business

improvements and given the opportunity to be working with you and your

community will always be our honor and pleasure .

With that we would like to give a token of remembrance to you and your

community for the glorious years we work with you in improving livelihood

in your community.

Truly yours,

Signature above name.


Below is the sample of board resolution from the Board of Directors of a Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia.
>The board resolution has been passed by the Board to open bank account with Maybank for such conditions that the bank shall honour.
>It is important to state clearly what are the decisions made by the Board of Directors in the resolution.
Read more here:



To: From:
Subject: putting sign board to municipal corporation.
This is to certify that we are allowed to put the sign board to the municipal corporation. The tenants will post this sign board. It is advertising regarding the newly opened restaurant in our place. The restaurant’s name is (name of restaurant). It is now open. Opening hours is from 8 am to 7 pm. It is located at (address). I authorize my tenants to be responsible for this advertisement.



Here the sample letter below:



To whom it may concern,

I would like to inform you that I will be closing my store on (date)__ due to some reason_______________ and especially the status of the economy we are experiencing now.

I hope you will understand my situation.

Thank you!

Very truly yours,

(your Name)


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Contact your state agency that regulates business incorporation`s and disillusions.


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