Samsung and LG War for iPad 3’s HD Update: LG Winning!

By On Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

We all know that even though iPad 2 has just been recently released, and Apple has just sorted out their stocks and has just started to ship the internationally ordered iPad 2s on time, the release of the third generation of the iPad, or most widely known as the iPad 3, is fast approaching. Of course, we’re all sure that it’s coming but the question is when?

A lot of speculations are coming out as to when the iPad 3 is going to be released. Some say that it might be released towards the end of this year. Others claim that the earliest for the iPad 3 to be released is early next year. Some claim that it could even be a little later than that since the iPad HD is going to be released this September.

Samsung VS. LG

In any case, no matter when the iPad 3 is released, we could be sure of one thing. It’s production should already be underway. The main feature of the iPad 3 is that it is going to have a high definition screen that would extend the limitations of the best resolution possible on tablet screens. Of course this would require a really high technological advancement and expertise. There are only two companies in the world that could possibly deliver a project this hard. They are the two Korean firms, Samsung and LG.

Apparently, Samsung and Apple are engaged in a legal war right now, which puts LG in a very good position of bagging the deal. Samsung and Apple are sharing what you can call a love and hate relationship. Samsung has been Apple’s supplier of some valuable materials for the production of the iPad, but all of a sudden, Apple filed a suit against Samsung accusing Samsung of stealing rights from the iPad with their production of the Galaxy line. The same is happening between Apple and HTC, which is the manufacturer of the Android. Up to a certain point the iPad is indeed the first tablet to be ever released, and from there the competition goes hazy, so now Apple is suing every company it believes to have stolen something from them.

LG also has their own line of tablets, but Apple is not minding and suing them for it, so that may send us some clues that LG is actually on the good side of Apple. This could even work to their advantage. Closing the iPad 3 deal would boost their reputation, not to mention that it’s also going to earn them billions of dollars.

Everything depends on just one thing: if LG can really manufacture such an advanced LCD. If not, Samsung is still in the game. Although LG is holding a lot of aces, they’re still not holding all of them. The moment that Samsung produces the LCD before them then that could actually turn the tables. It could even lead to something positive on Apple’s case against them. Especially when Apple is the type of company that always wins cases.