Samsung Galaxy S7 Launched with Cooling System Feature

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samsung galaxy s7

Finally, the South Korean company has narrowed the circle of his flagship, after last year’s versions. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is available only in two versions: a small, flat, and a larger, curve, which in turn will be smaller than the Note range. Thus, Samsung difference better than last year your phone ‘flagship’ and its iconic ‘phablet’.

One of the innovations presented by Samsung at the launch in Barcelona their new terminals Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is its unique cooling system to keep it cool

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And, one of the weak points of some of the terminals of the temperature record was reached when they are put under a lot of stress; especially in hours of play; therefore, the Korean manufacturer has decided to integrate a cooling layer, strangely enough, it bears circulating water.

Thus, similar to refrigerators the water evaporates or runs, under the circumstances to cool the processor when the user requires a lot of system performance.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs Review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is maintained in the 5.1-inch flat screen. There will be this size version curve. For its part, the model edge not have version 5 inches and down nearly six inches of “plus” in 2015 to 5.5 inches. Thus, when the next Note, predictably flat screen six inches, will be better distinguish these smartphones.

The design of the samsung galaxy s7 phone continues the line marked last year, with metal edges and glass Gorilla Glass on both sides. Now the glass has been bent a little at the edges and integrates much better with the metal frame. Although a ‘smartphone’ more rounded, less angles, costs little to distinguish the new models of the above. In any case, the quality achieved last year, probably would have been a mistake to leave this good path.

Samsung has recovered the microSD card to expand the storage space. Instead of having their own tray cards are inserted into the same where the nano SIM card is placed. Thus, with the same design last year in this regard they offer more possibilities.

Samsung has also recovered a feature with which itself had the Galaxy S5, but lost in the samsung galaxy S6: water resistance. Both models of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and galaxy s7 edge meet the standard IP68, which offer high resistance to dust and water, to the point of being able to submerge.

In addition, the new Samsung smartphones keeps other features of ‘hardware’ much appreciated, as the fingerprint reader on the start button, the biometric sensor to measure pulse or wireless charging by induction.

samsung galaxy s7

Camera (12MP, 5MP in the case of the front) is one of the major improvements of Galaxy S7. Samsung launches a new autofocus technology, which employs 24 million photodiodes for detection of objects to photograph, instead of 120,000 as was previously the case. This results in a four times faster auto focus, because the pixels are actively working to identify the scene. In addition, sensor pixels are larger and the opening is F1.7, so able to capture 95 percent of light.

As user interface highlights the model edge. Again, Samsung has used the curved screen to add shortcuts accessed by sliding your finger along the curved edge. In addition to direct applications and contacts in the Galaxy S7 edge find direct specific actions such as a contact in an ‘app’ courier routes.

As progress had been made, the terminals will also have an “always on” display. When the user turns off the display of the Galaxy S7, some information, such as a screen saver or widgets with information such as the calendar, time or notifications will continue to appear. According to Samsung, to remain practically black screen and thanks to the low consumption of the Super AMOLED panel will not affect the battery performance.

The Galaxy S7 has 4GB of DDR4 RAM and processor Exynos 8890 (four to four to 1.6GHz and 2.3GHz). Besides its ample power to move any game (CPU performance has increased by 30% compared to S6 and the GPU 64%), the ‘smartphone’ has a system optimization for games focus all resources to mobile execution and eliminates notifications during the sessions.

In this regard, Samsung has also extended the battery performance, while preserving its wireless charging and fast charging. For the Galaxy S7, the battery will be 3,000 mAh (compared with 2,550 mAh S6), which will rise to 3,600 mAh in the case of the Galaxy S7 edge (the edge + was 3,000). With a remarkable increase, especially in the case of S7 edge (it also reduces the size of your screen, and therefore consumption), the battery life will be one of the great improvements of these new flagships.

It also features the new ‘smartphone’ Samsung with a new gaming center, which among other things allows you to configure graphical aspects as the frame rate or the resolution and suggested titles and shows the most popular among users of Samsung; and a floating bubble (similar to those of Facebook Messenger chats) to perform actions such as recording ‘gameplays’ including the player’s face with Interior- camera or taking snapshots.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S7 includes a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating terminal using such ‘apps’, which are always the toughest.

Finally, Samsung has made many efforts for the samsung Galaxy S7 is a perfect device to play, considering that 86% of industry revenue of ‘apps’ in 2015 came from video games, the company said.

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