Samsung J1How do I turn off the Double Tap to unlock?

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Samsung J1How do I turn off the Double Tap to unlock?. Are You mam & sir has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please get the good answer right after below:\r\n

How do I turn this feature off?


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Sorry buddy but you can`t. The reason being that Samsung had to put that feature in there because they went cheap and didn`t put a proximity sensor in the Samsung Duos and many other low end Samsung smartphones. The proximity sensor is basically an infrared sensor that allows your phone to detect when something is close to the screen during a call and automatically disables the touch screen when you put it up to your ear and re-enables it when you take it away. This is done to prevent you from accidentally ending the call, opening an app, etc… Things you don`t want to happen when your ear touches the screen during a call. Now since they were too stingy and didn`t put this sensor in these phones, they had to do something that would replace this function, they added this “Double tap to unlock” feature to prevent your ear from messing up your call while still allowing you to re-enable the touch screen to do stuff on your phone during a call.

The double tap you are seeing is due
to the talkback on your device. This
can only be resolve by disabling the
talkback on the phone.

Here`s how you disable talk back:

1. Go to Applications
2. Go to Settings
3. Go to Accessibility
4. Select Talk Back and turn off

Once the talk back has been disabled.
you do not need to keep on doing
double tap.


1. Go to your apps list.
2. Locate and open Settings.
3. Select Accessibility.
4. Under Accessibility services, uncheck Talkback.
5. That`s it.

After disabling Talkback, you won`t have to double tap your phone anymore to unlock.

drishty rubayet

It should be in your security settings. choose luck type and look through that. if it`s not there then try your call options. it may be that the option isn`t changeable but try the two places I said as before.


Do you remember your password? if yes please try to remember and type them. if not you need a technician for them to jailbreak it for you.


Here is another way to unlock pattern lock for Samsung Galaxy phones, and no data loss



Hello there just go to your settings slcik data mobile and select 3g or HSDPA.


Try double tapping with both your thumbs at the same time.