Samsung SM-R830 Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm WiFi (Samsung R830)

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Samsung SM-R830 Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm WiFi (Samsung R830) – Halo sista dan agan semua, Terima Kasih sudah berkunjung ke web site Indietech ini. Pagi ini, kita di Indietech mau membagikan info tentang Samsung SM-R830 Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm WiFi (Samsung R830). Langsung saja sista dan agan baca dibawah ini:\r\n


BriefBrief Introduction: One or two sentences which enumerates some important attributes of the specifc device variant described by this datasheet
5th generation of Samsung smart watches in 40 mm aluminum (26g) or.. ›› BrandBrand name of the device. This may match with the manufacturer Samsung ModelOne or more (separated by /) specific model name identifies this device. This field may include model code too. SM-R830 Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm WiFi ReleasedFirst official market release date in (year, month) 2019 Aug 23 AnnouncedDate of the official announcement (year, month) 2019 Aug 5 Hardware DesignerThe company which designed this device Samsung Electronics ManufacturerThe company which produces this device Samsung Electronics CodenameThe codename internally identified the design project of this product Samsung R830 OEM IDThe OEM ID is internal code and refers to a specific variant of the model series R830NSDAXNZ Device CategorySmartphone, tablet, smart watch, PDA, palmtop, etc. 
SmartwatchSmart watch is a kind of wearable computers which is able to manage phone calls in cooperation with smartphones or tablets. It may have various built-in sensors to support sport and fitness activites.

Physical AttributesPhysical Attributes: 

WidthWidth is horizontally measured between the left and right edges of device according to the default display orientation
40 mm HeightHeight is vertically measured between the bottom and top edges of device according to the default display orientation 40 mm DepthDepth refers to the thickness of the device. Depth is usually the smallest dimension of the device 10.9 mm DimensionsAll dimensions are maximal values (measured between the furthest points of the device) in closed state 1.57×1.57×0.43 inches MassThe mass of the device including standard battery and stylus (if any and it can be inserted into the device) measured in grams 37 g 1.31 ouncesThe mass of the device including standard battery and stylus (if any and it can be inserted into the device) measured in ounces

Software EnvironmentSoftware Environment: 

PlatformThe family of the operating system like Android, iOS, Windows Phone/Mobile, Palm OS, etc. 

Linux Operating SystemPre-installed (usually embedded) operating system which the device was released with.
Samsung Tizen Wearable PlatformSamsung Tizen Wearable Platform Software ExtrasNavigation software, voice recognition, face recognition, personal assistant app, etc. 
Voice Command
, Navigation softwarepre-installed

Application processor, ChipsetApplication processor, Chipset: 

CPU ClockFrequency of the square signal which schedules the internal operation of microprocessor (synchronous sequential logic). The current consumed by the processor is approximately proportional to clock rate.
1150 MHz CPUManufacturer part number and most important characteristics of the IC which includes the main application processor or processors
Samsung Exynos 9 Dual 9110, 2018, 64 bit, dual-coreSamsung Exynos 9 Dual 9110, 2018, 64 bit, dual-core

Operative MemoryOperative Memory: 
RAM TypeType of volatile memory IC which specifies RAM architecture, timing characteristics, refresh mode, voltage levels and physical design of the IC. Two major types of random-access memory is static RAM (SRAM) periodically refreshed dynamic RAM (DRAM). 

LPDDR3 SDRAM RAM Capacity (converted)RAM capacity in binary bytes (KiB: 1024 bytes, MiB: 1024 KiB, GiB: 1024 MiB) 768 MiB RAM

Non-volatile MemoryNon-volatile Memory: 
Non-volatile Memory Capacity (converted)The value of ROM capacity converted to the most appropriate units (KiB: 1024 bytes, KB: 1000 bytes, MiB: 1024 KiB, MB: 1000 KB, GiB: 1024 MiB, GB: 1000 MB)
4.0 GB ROM 1450 MiB total user storageThe sum of primary and secondary user-accessible partition of non-volatile storage spaces

DisplayDisplayAll parameters that related to display

ResolutionHorizontal and vertical resolution of the primary display. In case of display with rounded edges this refers to the smallest bounding rectangle.
360×360 Display DiagonalThe distance measured between the furthest corners of the display. In case of display with rounded edges this refers to the diagonal of the smallest bounding rectangle. 30.2 mm 1.2 inchDisplay Diagonal in inches Horizontal Full Bezel WidthDefined as the sum of width of left and right vertical display bezels. If the display panel is located in the middle width of left and right bezels are the same and their width is the half of the full bezel width. 18.65 mm Display Area UtilizationRegular display area per regular front panel area ratio. This approximated indicator does not count with possible rounded corners (neither on front panel nor on display) or display notches, holes. 28.5% Pixel DensityIndicates the number of pixels per inch 428 PPI Display TypeDisplay technology, e.g. Color/ monochrome e-ink, STN, PM-OLED, AM-OLED, TN-TFT, IPS TFT, ASV TFT, MVA TFT, PVA TFT, PLS TFT 
AM-OLEDColor AM-OLED (Active Matrix - Organic Light-emitting Diode) display techology. display Display SubtypeBrand name of the subtype/technology of the screen like Super AMOLED, SLCD2/3/5, Retina Display, Reality Display, ClearBlack, etc. 
Super AM-OLEDSuper AM-OLED is an improved type of AM-OLED display technology developed by Samsung where touch-sensitve layer is integrated into the screen. Super AM-OLED uses Samsung PenTile matrix RGBG subpixel arrangement (2 subpixels) Number of Display ScalesMaximal number of displayable colors or scales 16.8M Scratch Resistant ScreenUsual types: Gorilla Glass generations, DragonTrail/X, Sapphire Glass 
Gorilla Glass

Graphical SubsystemGraphical Subsystem: 
Graphical ControllerManufacturer and part number of the graphics controller IC or commercial name of the intellectual property (IP) if the graphics controller is the part of a chipset N/A

Audio/Video InterfacesAudio/Video Interfaces: 
A/V OutAudio/Video outputs form a heterogeneous group of interfaces that allow the user to connect the device to various external analog/digital multimedia devices (monitors, projectors, HD TVs) and play multimedia content. For example: MHL, DisplayPort, HDMI, e 

Audio SubsystemAudio Subsystem: 

Microphone(s)Analog or digital sound receiver. Main applications: voice calls, active noise cancellation, voice command, voice/video recording, voice identification 

mono Loudpeaker(s):  
mono Audio Output:   No

Cellular PhoneCellular Phone: 

Supported Cellular BandsList of supported cellular networks with band names. For example GSM900 refers to the GSM system with the 890-915 MHz uplink and 935-960 downlink bands. 

Secondary Cellular PhoneSecondary Cellular Phone: 
Sec. Supported Cellular Networks:  

Control PeripheralsControl Peripherals: 

Touchscreen TypeDetermines how the touchscreen module senses the touch of the screen 

Capacitive multi-touch screen

Communication InterfacesCommunication Interfaces: 

Expansion InterfacesNon-volatile memory and/or I/O expansion interfaces. For example: microSD, microSDXC, SDHC, CF II., PCMCIA III., etc. 
No USBFirst or the only USB port. USB is a common high-speed serial bus standard that allows data and power transfer between the mobile device and another computer. Version of USB identifies USB standard.  No NoDetermines the highest available data transfer speed of first USB port. Usual standard speed levels: High-Speed (HS), Super-Speed (SS) USB ConnectorPhysical USB connector layout. Most common types: micro-USB, USB A, USB Type-C or proprietary (e.g. Lightning)  No BluetoothIEEE 802.15 is a short-range radio technology standard that allows transfer of data, and the use of accessories such as wireless audio devices and printers. This field specifies the supported BT version. 
Bluetooth 5.0Released in Dec, 2016 Wireless LANWireless LAN / WLAN / Wi-Fi: 802.11 defines a medium-range wireless data link that allows for internet access and data transfer. This field enumerates the supported protocols (e.g. 802.11a/b/g/n). 
802.11b2.4 GHz (ISM band), max. 11 Mbit/s
, 802.11g2.4 GHz (ISM band), max. 54 Mbit/s
, 802.11n2.4 GHz (ISM band) or optional 5 GHz support, max. 600 Mbit/s thanks to MIMO antennas NFCNear Field Communication is short-range wireless radio data exchange technology based on radio-frequency identification (RFID). This field enumerates the supported NFC technologies. 
NFC (A)ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
, NFC (B)ISO/IEC 14443 Type B

Multimedia BroadcastMultimedia Broadcast: 

FM Radio ReceiverWith a bulit-in FM radio the device is able to receive FM (frequency modulated) broadcast in 79 - 108 MHz band. 

Satellite NavigationSatellite Navigation: 

Complementary GPS ServicesPossible extras: S-GPS, A-GPS, Geotagging, TMC, QuickGPS, QZSS, etc. 

QuickGPS Supported GLONASS protocol(s)GLONASS is a global satellite navigation system operated by Russia. 
Yes Supported Galileo service(s)Galileo is a global satellite navigation system operated by European Union and the European Space Agency. 
Yes Supported BeiDou system (BDS)BeiDou System (BDS) is a Chinese satellite navigation system. Its global variant is the BeiDou-2 alias COMPASS. 
BeiDou-2BeiDou-2 (COMPASS) BeiDou receiver

Primary Camera SystemPrimary Camera SystemPrimary camera usually has better imaging capabilities than secondary camera if any

Camera Image SensorRefers to the semiconductor technology of image sensor (FSI CMOS, BSI CMOS, etc.) 
No FocusCD AF, PD AF, Laser AF, etc. No / Not supported means there is no adjustable optical system or no camera built-in at all  No FlashA flash is used to brighten dark areas when taking photographs; is also used as a flashlight. This field contains the exact type of the flash.  No Aux. Camera Image SensorAuxiliary camera image sensor technology in at least dual lens setup  No Aux. 2 Camera Image SensorAuxiliary 2 camera image sensor technology in at least triple lens setup  No Aux. 3 Camera Image SensorAuxiliary 3 camera image sensor technology in at least quad lens setup  No Aux.4 Camera Image SensorAuxiliary 4 camera image sensor technology in at least penta lens setup  No

Secondary Camera SystemSecondary Camera SystemWidely used for video telephony or taking selfies

Secondary Camera SensorRefers to the semiconductor technology of sec camera image sensor (FSI CMOS, BSI CMOS, etc.) 
No Sec. Aux. Cam. Image SensorImage sensor technology of sec. auxiliary camera in at least dual lens secondary camera setup  No

Built-in SensorsBuilt-in Sensors: 

Built-in accelerometerAn internal component that senses acceleration components of the device. Used for automatic screen rotation and for games and applications that rely on acceleration measurement on X, Y, and Z axis. Possible types: 1D, 2D, 3D 

Yes Built-in gyroscopeAn internal component that senses the orientation of the device. Used for automatic screen rotation and for games and applications that rely on the devices position in the X, Y, and Z axis. Possible types: 1D, 2D, 3D 
Yes Additional sensorsBuilt-in ambient (barometer, temperature, altimeter, light, etc.), biometric (fingerprint, HR, step, etc.) and comfort (hall sensor, gesture sensor, proximity, etc.) sensors 
, Heart rate sensor
, Light sensorBy measuring the intensity of the ambient light device may control the brightness level of the screen

Ingress ProtectionIngress Protection: 

Protection from solid materialsIngress Protection Standards. IP First digit: Protection from solid objects or materials 

6 Totally protected from dust Protection from liquidsIngress Protection Standards. IP Second digit: Protection from liquids 
8 Protected against immersion beyond 1m of depth Immersion into liquids (depth limit)Device is protected against immersion into this depth of liquid (usually water) at most. (IP rating) 5000 cm Military Standard Compliance (MIL-STD)Highest level of Military Standard Compliance 

Power SupplyPower Supply: 

BatteryBattery technology 

Li-ion polymer (LiPo)
built-inPossible options: removable, built-in Nominal Battery CapacityThe nominal mAh capacity of the battery 247 mAh battery Estimated Battery LifeEstimated always-on battery life of the device in case of common usage conditions 43 hours Wireless ChargingWireless charging (like Qi, PMA) is a kind of near-field electromagnatic power transmission methods. Inductive coupling is created between a mobile device (secondary coil) and a special charger (primary coil), usually docking station or charging pad. 
QiQi wireless charging standard was announced by Wireless Power Consortium in August 2009.

Geographical AttributesGeographical Attributes: 

Market CountriesCountries where the device was officially sold. Overlap is possible. 

, Australia
, Austria
, Belarus
, Belgium
, Brazil
, Bulgaria
, Canada
, Chile
, China
, Croatia
, Czech
, Denmark
, Egypt
, Finland
, France
, Germany
, Greece
, HKHong Kong (HK)
, Hungary
, India
, Indonesia
, Ireland
, Israel
, Italy
, Jordan
, Kazakhstan
, Kenya
, Kuwait
, Latvia
, Malaysia
, Mexico
, Netherlands
, Norway
, Pakistan
, Philippines
, Poland
, Portugal
, Romania
, Russia
, Saudi Arabia
, Serbia
, Slovakia
, Singapore
, Slovenia
, South Africa
, South Korea
, Spain
, Sweden
, Switzerland
, Sri Lanka
, Taiwan
, Thailand
, Turkey
, UAEUnited Arab Emirates (UAE)
, UKUnited Kingdom (UK)
, Ukraine
, Vietnam Market RegionsRegions where the device was officially sold. Overlap is possible. 
, Asia
, Australia
, Eastern Europe
, Europe
, Middle East Western Asia and Northern Africa
, North America
, Oceania
, South America
, Southeast Asia
, Western Europe

Datasheet AttributesDatasheet Attributes: 

Data IntegrityData integrity level determines the integrity of the published information. Final datasheets are not intended to be modified in the future, preliminary ones can be based on unofficial information or speculations, incomplete ones are also preliminary b 

Final AddedThe exact time of the datasheet addition
2020-02-18 22:52

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